Talyaa Liera a message from Polaris channeled by Talyaa Liera

Monday, 31 October, 2011

This is the month where you can begin to dream your dreams into reality. Oh? Can that really be true? Can I truly live my dreams? Of course you can. You always could. And this is the month where you begin to see your power of dreaming put into action.

There are a few tricks to this. You knew there would be tricks! If it were so simple, then wouldn't everyone be doing this, be living their wild dreams and having the lives they truly wanted? Of course they would. Which brings us to Trick #1.

Trick #1. You are already living the life you choose.

Yes, on some level you are choosing the life that you have, right now. You chose everything about it – your eye color, your occupation, your favorite kind of breakfast. You chose all this on some level. You are already living everything you wanted.

Now take that in for a moment. Do you feel the enormous power that you have? The power you had in arranging things – just so – to be the way that, on some level anyway, you truly wanted? Tap into that sense of power for a moment. Really enjoy it. Feel your bigness, your majesty, your infinite connection to all there ever was or will be.

Can you imagine all this for a moment? Good. Hold on to that while you take in Trick #2.

Trick #2. You can change what you want.

Yes, you can change your mind and want something different than you have been getting. It's okay! Change your mind to want what reflects the You that you are becoming rather than the You that you have been.

That last sentence was so important that we repeat it: change your mind to want what reflects the You that you are becoming rather than the You that you have been.

This process, of course, invites you to think about who you have been. And who you are becoming. Take your time with this. The for this reflection – as well as the huge inner paradigm shift that will take place for you as a result – is available to you all month. And beyond. But especially this month.

In fact the more energy you put into reflection and exploration of who you are becoming versus who you have been, the more effective your ability to dream your wild dream into being. So write it all down. Keep a daily journal. Make a list and check it twice. Keep track of your dreams, all of them, day and night. Pay attention to your inner world, for now – more than any other time this year – your inner world is speaking to you. Loudly. Listen.

And while you think about that, think as well about Trick #3.

Trick #3. Dream wild. Dream big. Dream impossibly.

If you only dream small dreams, then a small life is what you will create. If you truly desire a big life, then let your dreams run wild. Stop being afraid. Stop letting what you think might be possible limit you. Remember what said in Illusions? Argue for your limitations and they are yours. So stop that. Right now! Give yourself permission to let go. Let it all go.

Let your dreams inhabit you. Let your dreams free you. Let your dreams become your magic carpet, your golden pathway, your personal infinite magical world. Let your inner world come out and play this month, and let it be wild, the wild November winds of magic.

This is a month for play. There are so many ways to bring your inner world out!

  • Art. Play with color, texture, form. Use your hands. Get messy!
  • Write, write, write. Let words become worlds.
  • Daydream. Give yourself permission for twenty minutes each day, just dreaming.
  • Laugh. Be silly. Have silly contests with loved ones.
  • Wear clothes, or your hair, in ways that aren't "you."
  • Play with walking or talking like a different person.
  • Silly accents!
  • What did you love doing as a child? Do that!

And now, Trick #4.

Trick #4. Let it go.

Don't take any of this seriously. When you become serious – all this spiritual stuff is such hard work! – you automatically create limitations. Creation is fun stuff. Give yourself permission to have fun this month.

You don't think of yourself as anything but a serious person? No problem. Say to yourself, "Just for this moment/hour/day/week/month I will let go and let myself feel what it feels like to play. To dream wild." And then do it. Just this once. What have you got to lose other than the Self that you no longer wish to be?

Let. It. Go.

If you need a practice for letting go, try this:

Imagine the wild dreams that you are dreaming. Imagine that they take tangible form, but in miniature. You can hold these dreams – all of them – in your hand. Got that? Now imagine a bubble, of your creation, just in front of you. In this bubble you place all your miniature wild dreams, all of them. Go ahead. Now breathe and watch the bubble drift up, up, up into a magical sky. Feel how light you become. Feel how much more like You that you feel. Feel your heart beating with wild excitement, in anticipation of this beautiful creation that you have set free into the Universe to grow. Feel your magical self in the power of your bigness.

What to Expect This Month



Hold on to your hat! And also, do your best to keep your feet on the ground – that will keep you feeling balanced and from feeling as if you are going to fly off into the air along with your wild dream filled bubble. This month, expect a spectrum of experience from the infernal to the sublime. Ride with it all as evidence of your aliveness, of your majestic powers of creation. For just as you create your joyful experience, so too do you create the painful ones. This month, then, you are awarded useful discernment and contrast to help you choose your future.

To keep those feet on the ground, observe practices this month that help you feel grounded. Most people respond well to the following. Choose one or more that feels right to you.

  • Breathing
  • Being in nature
  • Meditating on ambient sounds, like wind chimes
  • Sacred salt baths
  • Massage
  • Listening to your heart

Affirmation: I AM the powerful instrument of my creation!


Just as personally you will likely feel the effects this month of the inner juxtaposition of millions of lives moving into closer alignment with their sacred destiny, so too will there be effects within personal relationships of all types. Have you ever observed a child learning to walk? New walkers are unsteady at first, often requiring support. Falls are common. Obstacles loom large. There is much excitement and sometimes crying! Remembering that you – and everyone around you – are toddlers this month, trying out your new wings of creation and dreaming wild dreams, will help you a great deal. Have compassion for yourself and for those around you. Remember that everyone is in this together.

Affirmation: I AM connected to all life, and I feel this connection in my heart of hearts.


Communities have been undergoing deep and profound change for a while now, as evidenced of late in the movement. This is but a beginning, and you see now, don't you, some of the fruits of your collective labors? The dreaming has begun on a community level, and likely will not stop for some long time to come!

Meanwhile, the details may become overwhelming. There are many people who need real help, and communities are not yet in place to give the kind of support they need. This will come in time, but fears could arise when people feel they do not have enough, or may not have enough in the future. What "enough" means will change over time, and has already begun to change in the minds and hearts of so many, but some changes occur slowly.

As you maintain compassion for yourself and for those close to you, extend compassion too to those in your community and in the communities around you. What this means in terms of action will vary from person to person. Some will wish to make soup, knit socks, open their homes to those in need. Some will act to change laws, to change minds, or to help people find their hearts. Others may simply hold space in their own hearts and send wishes out into the world. What you do, and how you live this month, is a direct reflection of the wild dreams that you dream. Pay attention to those dreams now, and make them stronger, wilder, and more vivid, as you immerse yourself ever deeper within the fabric of humanity that cradles you.

Affirmation: I WILL open my heart to the world around me.

Global Politics

Dreams flow from the ground up. What you dream into being in your own life takes shape now, forever altering the landscape around you. This altered landscape shelters new life and has new requirements for shade, seeds, nurturing, and water – all the things that help life grow and evolve.

So too it is with the political world around you. What occurs on a personal and individual level affects the way you think, the way you act. Those actions take root and create further domino-like change in the ripples emanating around you. Eventually, new choices emerge in the political landscape, choices that reflect the inner worlds of the individual.

Expect, then, emergence this month on a political level. The tides turn slowly, but turning they surely are.

Affirmation: I AM a keeper of the flame that burns clean and new.

Earth Changes

Mother weeps, not for the beating she has taken but more for the collective pain of those whose lives take place within the shelter of her arms. is the embodiment of all life in that shelter, and when things change sometimes what is let go must be grieved. If you do not grieve the You that you once were as you begin to embrace the You that you are becoming, then will grieve on your behalf, weeping tears that turn into rivers, snowfall, hurricanes and tempests. It is a watery, weepy month, reminding you, perhaps, that you really are mostly water yourself.

Honor your watery world by drinking a ritual cup of fresh pure water, savoring each drop as it becomes your body.

Affirmation: I AM a living reflection of the world around me.

Global Spiritual Changes

Oh, this is a rich month for the dreamers among you, is it not? As you embark upon your inner sweet journey this month, remember how deep you can go, how sweetly you sing, how tenderly you love. Remember these things as you dream your wild selves into being and enliven the world around you in your joy and pain and breath.

Spiritually, there is about to be a mass awakening to the tremendous potential of the human spirit and an awakening as well to the deep inner connection you share with one another. Feel it? Ready?

We say yes.

Affirmation: I AM willing to step forth into my wild dream.

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