As we are moving close to this date, we would like to share what our vision is of the energies that are being released and what the can do for your earth and all beings upon her.

There is so much change happening and this energy on 11-11-11 is something that can assist you in making a huge leap within conscious awareness.

This energy is what will activate more of your DNA that has been dormant, it will bring in new codings that allow you to bring in more parts of your being into the new reality upon earth.

One other thing that many may not realize is that when you bring in awareness, it has to be translated through the human mind. This is why so many messages are coming out at this time through and many others.

As your human mind cannot explain something it does not know about, it cannot translate energies it has never seen. This means that information and knowledge is being released to you, so you can be aware of all that can happen within these new energies.

Another part is that dormant parts of your brain are needed to translate some of these higher frequency energies. You are at this moment most of the time not using your brain to its full capacity, and to understand and translate more new parts, or dormant parts will have to be activated.

This is part of the preparation to understand and anchor the new energies that will open up a portal into time. Time in a way that you have not yet experienced before.

This is also a time where you are going to stand more on your own two feet so to speak. Once your awareness of the spiritual reality opens up more and more, you do not need to be connected to the earth reality. The earth has supported you all this time and is now going through her own process of ascension as well.

All of you are needed to assist her and this means that you will have to learn how to stand on your own two feet.

It is time to release your attachment to needing support from the earth, as you are fully capable of standing upon your own two feet.

Every new energy is coming in through others that are anchoring it within the new crystalline grid at this time. The energy is not coming from the earth, but from higher dimensions. Again another reason why you do not need the connection to the earth, the support of the earth. Any and all energy can be anchored within you. As there is a need for the earth to cleanse herself from any and all energies that have been stored within her, upon her, and used in many different ways by all humans to support the human existence upon earth. She needs to be cleared and does not need more energy, that does not belong to her, stored within her.

The earth is moving into higher dimensions and at this time the core of the earth is already beyond the 5th dimensional frequencies.

If you connect within her you will have the effect of lowering these frequencies as many of you are still moving into the 5th dimensional frequency, so are of a lower frequency.

Some have already noticed this, as the earth is becoming more and more like spinning herself in a cocoon and getting ready to become a butterfly that will be even more beautiful than you can imagine at this moment.

We know we cannot reach each and every person and that this information will be ignored by many who feel they do not have enough power to stand on their own two feet.

The power that is within you, is greater than you think and as you grow in understanding and awareness you will find that power within more easily. As you have been taught to rely upon the earth for support, it is now time to find the support within you.

This is why we are here, this is why we have come to you today, and you can connect with us through the new portal that is opening to find more information as we are connected to all of you in many ways. Prepare for this now as the opening of this portal is of great importance as you move forward into the new earth reality.

There is a lot of anger and fear still that still needs to be released. This fear and anger is not yours, it is coming in through your connection to the earth grids. Releasing your connection to the earth grid will allow you to move beyond most of the fear and anger and allow you to become more and more part of the new earth reality.

The earth is spinning her cocoon and with the coming energy she will be going into more of a sleep state where her energy will be preserved to advance her own process of ascension. Clearings are being done at this time by groups of humans and the earth is not as much of a participant as she needs this time to prepare for her ascension. These groups of humans have been working with the earth to prepare for this moment for a long time. Lifetime after lifetime they have incarnated upon her to prepare not just the earth, but also to assist in the anchoring of the awakening energies. Many of these humans are not aware of their purpose at this moment, and many others are confused as to what their purpose is and how to complete their mission as the information that is available is not up to date.

This is why we are here, so those that know they are here to assist the earth will be able to reach that information within us and within themselves.

For all others it is of great importance to find the awareness and understanding of what they can do to bring in the new earth reality in the most easy and comfortable way for all beings involved.

This is a great task that lies before you and we know that many of you are well on your way to become the wayshowers and guidance for all that will come after you.

We are here to assist you in understanding a greater part of the picture as from now on it is not only the human ascending, but the earth mother is ascending as well. And to take it even further, your entire universe is on the brink of ascension.

This is why we will keep you up to date from now on as more information can and will be released when it is needed, but at the right time. At this moment preparation is needed, you a
re growing in awareness and to receive a greater understanding, you have to expand your awareness beyond the 3D earth reality and even beyond the 5th dimensional reality.

We leave you for now with the message that we will see many of you behind the portal opening on 11-11-11.


The Crystal Skulls


November 3, 2011