17 November 2011

Channeler: E-Galactic

Greetings Dear children of the Sun, You have all been doing so well in the progress that is being made by you individually and collectively.
Know that all worlds envy the beauty of your experiences now, for such free will is only available on planet Earth.
Although we are of the higher dimensions in nature we also with excitement can't wait when you get to teach us all you've learn.

As you know there is much that is transpiring on your world, Illusion is doing all it can to pull it last strings to keep those who are not yet awake in a state fear.
Their agenda is to show through the manipulated media that all hope is lost for humanity and things are going to continue as they has been.
With what has happen to the Occupy Wall Street peaceful protest they've are seizing the opportunity to spread propaganda of the entire movement.
we say not to worry yourself for its all part of the process.

What they are not realizing is how rapidly humanity is awakening and all the lies that are being reported on the daily news is helping more and more souls to truly see how they are being manipulated by the .
Barriers of the Light your time is at hand when you would have to start to crate your own broadcast of what is being done behind the deceptions.
You are doing a wonderful work setting the example. We are very proud to say what has been created here has come a long ways.
You have made it possible to create a network in this community of light, yet here the cries of those who need you to expand out further more into society. "HUMANITY"

Have you not taken noticed to see some are still caught up in the illusion and seems to think all hope is lost? Dear hearts they are crying out to you,
your brothers and sisters are wanting to know more of what is happening in their life of uncertainty.
What does the future hold? and now the year of 2012 is not more but few weeks away they are afraid because some still think of this year as "Dooms Day."
You light workers have come to understand this is not so, and what is happening is the greets and grandest experience in reality Humanity had ever undertaken.

We speak all the time of stepping in your powers and shining your light in all aspect of your reality.
As easy as it sounds we know at times it can be difficult because at times you tend to judge others, knowingly and unknowingly.
This judgmental sate of being distracts you from bring the light that you are. You have all the tools needed to really take this to a next level and you have to.
Remember "WE ARE ONE" not just your space brothers but also the ones you share space with on your dearest planet.
You have found a great joy that brings you hope of a brighter future, this burring passion the flame of divine love energy that is now yours have to be spread to others in their awareness.

We talk of the energy influx that has been taken place and this you've become familiar with, yet we encourage you to cause another to share the same wisdom as you.
It does not serve to have the light of hope and keep it between yourselves. A suggestion would be your and video sharing sites like " and ."
It is obvious when you log on to these sites that people are in confuse states of being as to what is happening in their own lives better yet the world around them.
We know you do well already trying to reach out but we feel much more can be done if so you choose.
Remember you are all co-creators of this process and it is time you expand your being like never been before.
We fully understand that it's not easy living some of the life that you all have created, we congratulate you for all the hard work you put into the being that you've become.

It is time to take this new reality a step further. Do not be quite about it. Create New or through your existing social media accounts,
bring about discussions about what is transpiring upon your earth, ask question as to what others opinions are if earth was to become intergalactic, and remember,
some are prone to answer with negativity, but this is what you been preparing for, consciously crafting the inception into others minds and realities for them to contemplate all possibilities,
this way no one would be surprise or wouldn't at least thought of what could be.

We will continue this channeling, as for now we want you to process our worlds (spelling intentional) and step into power that you are for us to co-create for we have lots of work to do dear hearts,
you will find as you go about consciously creating these changes in the inception of humanity unify consciousness you will be at great joy, peace, love and oneness because this is our next phase.

We are your the Pleiadian High Consuls of the fleet. Go forth and be fruitful and know you have all the help and support of worlds physical and non physical. Let your creative juice flow as you create your new reality.