26 November 2011


Dear Friends,

The New Moon with a partial is Thursday, November 24 at 11:10 PM Mountain Standard Time. This new moon and eclipse initiates a time period that creates a portal where new information and new ways of experiencing, seeing and feeling become possible. The other end of the time frame is the Full Moon on December 10 that comes with a total lunar eclipse visible in .

This window promises to be a time of some intensity and movement as well as powerful opportunity for manifesting. The most important thing will be to keep grounded and focused on what it is that you (not someone else) want out of life. You can create anything during this time as long as you don't get distracted and scattered around unimportant issues. It is definitely worthwhile spending some time in contemplation and making yourself available to spirit and to your practices. Write some new goals, clean your house, get rid of old papers. Focus on renewal.

There is also potential for higher centered experiences at this time as long as you are not around anything that will bring you down. Try to avoid people you have karma with or who are not congruent with you energetically. This time can also trigger some movement in the environment, earthquakes, high tides, storms, accidents, unusual events, etc.

Blessings and a Happy Thanksgiving to all of our US readers.

Lena Stevens

Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse
Sun/Moon in Sagittarius 2º, Nov. 24. 11:10 PM MST

Jupiter is our ruling planet in Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac. We are now gifted and protected by the largest planet in our solar system. Everything that jovial Jupiter touches expands, becomes more confident, enthusiastic and adventurous. We all can use that! Here under Jupiter's eye (or the Greek Zeus) our guiding vision is born out of our personal philosophy created from our deep yearning to know who we are and the purpose of our existence especially in these times of evolutionary change. The 's arrow aims far out to the horizon – anything is possible. It's the search, not the treasure for the freedom loving Sagittarian. Jupiter in Taurus (fixed) continues to be in a Grand Trine formation with Mars in Virgo (mutable) and Pluto in Capricorn (cardinal) – all three earth signs in aspect making it easy to implement our vision and goals in practical fashion. Get real; make things happen. Avoid the tendency of Grand Trines to just enjoy the ease and not use the open, ready channels for purposeful expression. Every bit of effort you put forth will come back ten fold now.

It's also an opportunity to bring the denser frequency of our physical bodies that tend to resonate in the first three chakras up to a more fourth chakra, heart based operation with all this earthy support. Our bodies and electromagnetic fields are being stretched to accommodate ever increasing levels of awareness and consciousness. When the outer planets align with the Galactic Center at 27º Sagittarius like Pluto, planet of transformation and Lord of Darkness, did in 2007, astrologers surmise that huge energetic downloads come to our planet from this massive black hole and 'transmitter of infrared, x-ray, radio, gamma and microwaves' at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. We then integrate the increase of information into the physical plane. Since that download in '07, Pluto has facilitated the exposure of darkness and corruption that we witness every day on the news, and we increasingly see a movement into balance with nature, the Feminine, and a shamanic view of life where everything is seen as conscious and contributing to the whole. Evolution isn't really a choice. It's a matter of time. It doesn't look like we are going to be taken out by a direct hit from cosmic debris, the 'end of the world' has been cancelled three times, and the rapture has failed to materialize, so it looks like we are in it for the long haul. Our collective 'vision' is to increase the consciousness on the planet. You came here with your assignment. When the more enlightened ones amongst us are faced with challenges, and accept and overcome them, it helps those that follow walk an easier and already delineated path.

Venus, planet of relationship, aesthetics and resources is transiting the Galactic Center through this New Moon, solar eclipse period. A call to the fourth chakra and expanding our ability to hold more love for the world we find ourselves in. Express gratitude for everyone and every experience. We are blessed with so much. An exact sextile (60º) to compassionate Neptune provides an opportunity to truly bring in the highest manifestation of our love and attract those who are aligned with our vision.

The Sun and Moon are involved in a partial solar eclipse with the visible path circling the South Pole. An eclipse allows the major source of our light, heat and energy – the Sun to be temporarily disrupted here on Earth. At this portal, an opportunity to clear our own exists, and we can easily let go of old beliefs and limitations and shift our consciousness to a higher frequency. It's the last of the six SuperMoons of the year where the Moon is closest to the Earth and in direct alignment with the Sun and Earth increasing her influence on the waters of our planet, our bodies and our moods and feelings. We also have recently experienced an increase in extreme solar flare activity and coronal mass ejections resulting in extreme weather, quakes and eruptions on our planet. Predictions are for continuation of that extreme pattern as we round the apex of the sunspot cycle in the next year or two.

The Sun and Moon at 2º Sagittarius are squared on one side by Mars and on the other by Chiron/Neptune. A Mars square may create a challenge where you have to show courage and skillful means to avoid conflict. Don't be afraid to stop and re-assess. A blow or defeat may be endured to cut new ground. If you value the cutting edge, pay the price willingly. With Mars squaring the Sun/Moon at this eclipse, we may see more authority vs. people conflict in the streets. We need to take the Sagittarian/Jupiter cue and keep our eyes on the big picture and just what is our vision for the future – aiming high with ethical actions and holding a global view. With Chiron squared the Sun/Moon, there may be a healing crisis; the weak spot needs to be tended. The Sun/Moon can be the father/mother or the external/internal parts of the self, so there is potential to heal those pesky recurring issues and themes from our situations of origin. A Thanksgiving dinner would be a perfect setting. With Neptune within degrees of Chiron, you may be pressed to have any boundaries at all, but you can count on your creativity, imagination and intuition to be on call and at your service.

What else is happening in this New Moon eclipse chart that you're likely to want to be aware of? Well, Mercury goes retrograde some hours before the eclipse. It will be a shifty period leading up to the eclipse. The Sun will shift out of the powerful, watery dark feminine sign of Scorpio on Tuesday, Nov. 22 and into the masculine, truth seeking fire sign of Sagittarius. Mercury will slow, stop and turn retrograde at 20º Sagittarius on Wednesday night, Nov 23 until Tuesday, Dec. 13, and regain its original position on Dec. 31. Then, New Moon and the eclipse on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day in the USA 11:10 PM MST. So, remain fluid and flexible during this transition period. Remember, a three week Mercury retrograde period is a time to go within for internal reassessment to 'be' instead of 'do'. If you find the physical world is going into noncooperation with you, you may need to take a few deep breaths and come more into alignment with the natural flow of life. Any New Moon, and especially one with an eclipse, is asking you to get clear on what you want to manifest in the next cyclic round of increase. Honor this New Moon with the clarity, truth and far-reaching insight that Sagittarius so generously provides.

12/10 Gemini Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 18º, 7:37 MST
visible in North America except eastern part, northern half of , Hawaiian Islands, Polynesia, Australasia, Asia, , and most of
12/13 Mercury direct
12/21 – Sun enters Capricorn 10:30 PM MST
12/24 Capricorn New Moon 2º, 11:07 AM MST

Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com