Posted: 07 2011

Love and light are beaming on your word now and for the remainder of the week. Your friendship for us touches us, and we feel your love and affection for us. As you know, we too look forward to being with you and interacting with you all. This will be an initial shock for many of those who are not ready for such an event. However, as humans, you learn very fast, and will adapt very well to this new situation. The children will find this situation very exciting, and they will have no fear of us what so ever. If they feel any fear at all it will be coming from the adults, as they are very sensitive to their parents’ feelings and sense when adults are afraid. However,they will soon see through our souls and see us exactly as we are. They will see us as similar to your own kind and will feel our sincerity towards working with you towards your .

These will be very exciting times, once Disclosure has taken place and once we are introduced to you, and are allowed to land by your newly formed governments. These new governments, for many countries will welcome us,and will have had forehand knowledge of us. There will be many new government son your planet, these will be lead by those friendly to life on , and will have humanity’s greater good in mind at all times. These will be mostly the people that we call the Allies, or will work with the Allies. There will also be in your governments people from your Inner . As you might suspect,their existence will also be disclosed to you more or less at the same time as our existence. As ’s inhabitants, they will join their knowledge and teachings with yours. They will also have a voice in the formation of new governments.
We foresee that there will soon be created many gatherings with your new governments, including the Earth Allies, with the and with us. At this stage, dear ones, you will step into your Galactic Civilization role. We will all be equals, and every concern will be heard and taken into consideration. This will be the next step for you. As you can see, there will be much to do as soon as the corrupted elements of your world elite will be removed from their position of power. Our intentions are to stabilize your economy, to restore to her immaculate pristine original nature, to eradicate all diseases, poverty worldwide. Things such as famine, malnutrition,water pollution, disease, and aging will be a thing of the past. With our arrival among you, you can say good bye to stress, fear, poverty, and limitation of freedom.  
We realize that as it stands, this is a dream for you. However, it is now within your grasp for making your dreams come true, dear ones. With our arrival into your life, you can live a life of dream. All is possible dear ones. We send our love to you, and assure you that Earth’s is aligned with the Creator’s most wonderful plans. Remember that you are Godlike Creators yourselves, and that the power for a new world to manifest is within your powers. However, you also need to remain grounded throughout the day, in order to bring the higher vibrations and energies into your three dimensional reality. These higher vibrations will contribute to crystallize your bodies and will help you ascend. Connect with the higher realms daily, but also bring the higher light into Mother Earth and into your daily life. Lighten up your mood, stop living in fear, stop spreading negativity. What you have in your heart will manifest into your three dimensional reality very fast. Bloom like a flower in the Sunshine and the Sun will feed your every needs..
I am from Sirius. I am here at your service, along with many beings working for the light. At this moment, we are instructed to allow you to emerge from the slumber you have been accustomed to for over ten thousand millennia.  We are still an invisible guiding hand for you, until you graduate fully as a responsible new Galactic Civilization. There is still much to be done until we reach this pointin time, but today, I wanted to give you a taste of what awaits you dear ones.
Thank you, SaLuSa.