31 October 2011

Hi everyone, thought you might wish to know about these amazing ones called the Andarians and how they are wishing to be of assistance to us now. There is the wonderful /glass that materializes on a farm, will place link below where one can find these Andara glass crystals. I will post separately a channel by through most precious God Thoth on the Andaras which are prima matra – i.e. first matter material and are of an incredibly high frequency. Embracing all in White Source Light, Fredaricka


Return of the Andarians through Maia Nartoomid

In order to fully understand the article below, please read first Thoth on the Andara Crystals http://www.spiritmythos.org/TM/divine-fire/andara.htm

crystalline forms created from the Andara – art by Maia – crystal used in imaging from Crystal Jones
When I wrote the article mentioned above, it was the mid-1990s, yet when I look back on the brief vision I had of the Andarians they very much resembled the Nav’i in the movie , only they were very pale instead of blue. Yet they were feline-like in the face as their modified genetics came from the Sirian Ones who are of a feline-human mixture.

These MU (Lemurians) who transformed themselves into the Andarians as a race, were taken up into the streaming of Sirius. In September of 2010 after having had a crystal therapy session given to me by Crystal Jones here on Kaua’i, the Andarians began to commune with me.

They are telling me of their return…651 Andarians will return in total. They will abide in several cavern cities abandoned by the Inner Earth Dwellers.

Why are the Andarians returning? When they left, this return was planned and it is occurring on schedule. They will be instigating further Sirian codes into the planet…through the Andara crystal-glasses and more directly, into the human DNA. This does not mean that other humans on this planet will turn into Andarians. These codes are not of that order. They are codes which have been “in keeping” for the human race of Earth since the First People of MU. They will act only as impulses to stir our DNA to “remember” and turn on the necessary codons for the next level of process in forming our Pure Gem bodies of the New Earth.
This process includes our deep connection to the Dolphins as I wrote about previously.

We tend to think of different species on the planet as very separate…felines, dolphins, humans, etc. They cannot cross-breed and their DNA is not the same so they are completely separate from us, with the exception of primates from whom the current belief is that human evolved from apes.

The truth of the matter (at least as I believe has been revealed to me) is that all life on this planet comes from the same matrix and is easily mutable through processes beyond the mixing of DNA. The energy of the matrix organizing the programs of the DNA and can change the parameters within it’s field, when cued to do so. We simply have not yet discovered the triggers for this…and it is intended that we do not until we can approach this science with a greater degree of integrity. Thus, the Hierarchy over-lighting this world has established certain boundaries that we cannot cross until the time is right to do so.

The Andarians are returning to help us reach that plateau…where we can work with the greater Matrix of Creation with awareness and dedication to spiritual integrity.

How will they do this? By re-designing certain crystalline sacred geometries in our planetary grid which in turn, re-design them in our DNA.

The farm and shop where the Andara currently materialize http://ladynellie.com/

Also in this channel of Tyberonn through most precious Lord AA Metatron towards the bottom of the channel
The result now is that a unique hyper-dimensional field is magnetized within that area, and a higher level of dimensional access and download is drawn within it. More than 12 dimensional fields occur here .The vibration of minerals and gems through out the area are infused with this energy, and is monatomic in frequency, much the same as the ‘Andara’ area of , where a parallel event occurred many eons ago. Light reacts differently within this area. Monatomic elements are superconductive, and their frequency can be quite beneficial to what is termed zero . Indeed your planet is progressing to zero field in the future.

Embracing all in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka