1 November 2011

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Many of you view as a negative or sad event. While that is true in some instances in your life Earthlings, often you fail to see or recognize all the times it is a joyous and momentous occasions.

Shedding is a loss. So is clearing and purging. It is a letting go of dense energies, of memories of past events – often painful, of aetheric elements or imprints you had been carrying with you for way too long.

Changes of perception, of reality is a form of loss – as the veil of illusion is gone. One could even see knowledge as loss of ignorance.

In your society or world, loss is usually seen as a very negative thing. Especially considering what is going on at this time. Most cultures tend to concentrate on one aspect of loss. But you have to remember that the negative view of loss is only half of the circle. It is time to see the positive aspect of loss to make the broken circle whole again.

There has been a lot of shedding, purging and clearing for a great number of you. And the normal/usual reaction to this process is relief, joy, happiness. Yet many of you fail to recognize these life events as the loss that it truly is. It is important to see the space that was created to receive something new, something great. To acknowledge what you have achieved, processed.

Just as you mourn a loved one who is hit by illness, disability, old age (still present, but temporarily or permanently changed) or who has passed on; physical losses if you will, you can also through a grieving process over the positive releases; impalpable losses in a sense. We will touch upon that in a bit.

For many different reasons, loss has been on the mind of the . Some of it physical, most of it impalpable.

In many ways, all losses are like death. Always the end of something that brings forth something new.

Sometimes the thought of loss is too much to bear. All that is seen or felt is the void not yet present – or the one that will never/not actually happen. For instance, sometimes you think that by disclosing something to someone, you will lose that person forever. However, often you are surprised to be met by unconditional love and support acceptance where you were expecting judgment, rejection, close-mindedness.

So much greatness and potential are lost by humankind because so many underestimate other people's capacity for love, compassion and acceptance. And even if one does not receive a warm welcome after giving specific news. Quite often, after the initial shock or surprise of learning something they were not expecting, people will remember your light, your great vibration and their love for who you are will take over.

Everybody is awakening. Mind you, there are a lot of people walking around half awake. Still, they are not sleeping. You may think you are alone to experience this or that in your family or circle, but chances are, most of the people you know have gone through some change. They may not fully embrace what is going on, actually they may resist it quite forcefully, but they are well aware that there is something in the air.

Think of everything you have gone through. For instance, if someone had told you last year that your life or you would be like it/you is/are now, would you have believed it? The Messenger certainly would not have. Even those living under a rock know something is going on and have gone through surreal experiences of their own.

If a friend or family member is "lost" after revealing to them an aspect of yourself that you had kept private for whatever reason, know that they may come around. And if they do not, know that more friend will appear, new families too. Yes, the biological bond tends to be a strong one, but you have many, many families.

Whatever/whoever you feel/know you have lost, take the time to grieve. For even parting with a painful memory may bring upon you a strange void. Even if you feel liberated, the release of that imprint may feel a bit unsettling, like being top heavy. Not sure how to walk anymore because the heaviness that you have known for so long has lifted, left a hole. Give yourself time to settle in this new , and to prepare to welcome the new gifts coming, even if it "only" a great sense of peace or knowingness.

Many blanks in the Messenger's life have been filled. She has gained knowledge, certainty, power (as in mastery, confidence, a sense of and responsibility for everything that is hers). She also grasped that accepting who she is and honouring her gifts may cause her to lose some people along the way.

She was shown that some of the stagnation in her own life was caused by the fear of that potential loss.

She was also shown that even if her fear does materialize – she is who she is after all, and more and more she finds it challenging to "separate" herself depending on who she is with – that loss will make room for new people. Not only that, by fully embracing her gifts and acknowledging them, she opens new doors, she expands and develops to her full potential.

There are worse things in life than being a (reluctant) channeler.

She loves how channeling has enriched her life, helped her dissipate the veils of illusions and made her see reality in a new light. She has found truth, her truth, and she sees the beauty in everything. She feels blessed the messages she receives and shares have enabled her to connect with great spirits all over the world who help her expand. This blog is the most fulfilling thing she has ever done. Yet she has trouble sharing this part of herself with most people she knows.

Realizing that she was the only person holding her back forced her to revisit loss. For if she wants to shine her light the way she knows she can, she has to be willing to lose everything that she knows. The true loss of potential feels worse to her than the possible loss of friends and family. You see, she understantds now that being willing to lose something to grow or achieve a dream or mission does not automatically mean that she will.

She also realized that even if her friends and family do not fully understand what she does, because it is so outside their notion of reality, she knows they will sense the loving, that permeates all that she is, and everything that she does. Love is love. The vibration of love is unmistakable, and she knows they love her, just as she loves them.

After all, she has witness a change in them. The more she does the work for herself, and embraces her light, the more they enjoy being around her and the more positively they respond towards her. So how could showing them how truly "odd" she is be a bad thing?

While she does not plan to have a coming out of the channeling closet party, she plans to be more open about who she truly is, who she truly always has been – all in gentleness and grace. She intends to move forward when others show sign of openness instead of closing the door because of fear of judgment or rejection. Maybe they are opening the door for her because they too want to get in… with her – maybe they are willing to go there with her, because they feel safe with her somehow, but are afraid to walk through the door there alone. She had never thought of that before…

You could call it taking a personal leap of faith.

While there has been massive collective awakenings (or half awakenings), it is often challenging to show yourself as you are when you are the odd one in the group (family, work, friends). And it's understandable, those who know you well or who have known you for along time may have trouble accepting that you have changed.

Or, more accurately, they may have trouble seeing yourself as you have always been, as opposed to seeing only what you wanted to show them. Everybody is starting to long to take their masks off. Remember that.

In a way, this is a collective loss of illusion – or of fear – depending on where you stand. Or both, if you are able to see the full spectrum.

The main point here is to remember that there is a wealth of abundance and joy in loss, and that one has to be willing to "lose" everything in order to gain the full potential and mastery of the spirit self.

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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