A from Saint Joseph
Channeled by:
November 18, 2011

Many blessings dear beautiful are sent forth to the many of you that stumble upon the message I am transmitting through our dear child today. She is a sister to you and to many, just as you all are sons and daughters to God. I come today speaking plainly as there is no other way.

Etheric has always been moving among you but definitely there is an increase since the dawn of 11:11:11. Many of you may be experiencing vivid dreams. Hang on to those dreams that you are experiencing. Write down what you saw, heard, felt, smelled or even tasted. Just when you think you have figured out what a means to you, you learn something else that fits to the purpose of that .

I too had many dreams when I was Joseph. I was the guardian of the most holy family, and . The dreams I had then held many answers to what was to come for us during those wondrous times. Even as a man of the flesh, I too had visits from the Angelic Realm. I may have had the occasional doubt, but I held fast to my own spiritual beliefs and what my purpose was and the importance of that purpose.


I come forth today to speak to you about your soul mission or divine purpose. Each of you has a role. You know this. Some of you already know what your mission is on your earthly plain, and even with knowing; changes do happen to make your journey a little more interesting and challenging. But then, what would life be without those challenges? The dear souls that are freshly awakened will come to learn what their roles are in time. Take your time dear children; do not rush into your lessons. Allow them to come with gratitude one at a time, and only take on what you can handle. It’s okay to say no. What a powerful word, “NO” is. Sometimes you do have to say this powerful word and when you do, you are not being selfish. You are actually taking care of you.

While on your journey that will bring you continuous spiritual and personal growth it is important to take care of yourself as much as you take care of others. I know most of you are very selfless and always take care of others then find themselves very weary and worn down; possibly attracting illness. Even with your busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, finding YOU time is vital. When you have YOU time, you are able to relax, you give yourself a mental break and think about something else; even from a few precious minutes during the day will rejuvenate your body, your mind and your . Looking after those you love begins with looking after yourself with as much love and compassion you willingly give each and every day.

God is inside of each of you warming you with his infinite love and amazing light. Make a point to reach for this light and at becoming one with your heart and with the heart of God. This is not an unreachable goal, but a very attainable goal. Like all things dear children, effort is required and with effort from hard brings many rewards. Not all rewards have monetary value. Some of the poorest of people are the richest in spirit, and as many of you have studied and read, this is abundant in history.

The journey you are currently on, the one that enriches you both spiritually and personally has many twists and turns. All the challenges you have faced so far have been filled with life learning lessons. Some dear children of God have questioned situations that have happened to them, only later realizing the lessons and wisdom that was to be learned. It does take time to process all the information you are receiving. Allow yourself processing time before you tackle the next phase of your journey.

I admire each and every one of you for your hard work and diligence. It is time to admire yourself and feel wonderful about who you are. One the cloudiest of days, you have the ability to still feel the warm sunshine as it’s inside of you, shining from within. You are wonderful. BELIEVE IT! And with that I am now ready to leave our dear daughter. Even though our discussion today was brief, it is filled with undying love for all of Gods many children.

And so it is, Saint Joseph through Julie Miller