18 November 2011

Channeler: E-Galactic

Dear Ones,
We feel your excitement as most are starting to feel the of within their reality, you are starting to more and more of your multidimensional selves, thus this new is giving you more insights of how you interpret reality as you . The old is rapidly fading this is true, and we say to truly start to what is possible for you to with these new energies learn to let go of the to judge or criticize yourself and learn to be easy on yourselves.

Now you are seeing how by implementing some of your wisdom of what you have learned and remember over your life times are vital for the changes that is at hand. You feel within yourselves you have all it takes to create the change you want to see manifest yet I ask, what is holding you back dear ones? You are to remember the simple truth that all teachers have taught and you should remember. What you do for others you do for yourself for in truth there is no other.


With Illusion doing all it can to create a reality contradicting to this truth it is up to you as masters to demonstrate what you know to be true. If you see imperfections in others you also see the same in yourself, if you cause another sorrow unto you it’s also done, if you are judgmental to others so too are you judge, the way to end this cycle is to be the love that you are, don’t think it be it, feel it and know you are in control of your actions words and deeds. You are to express your highest Truth of all that is in every . If for you it’s Love and Compassion surpasses all needs to express any lesser energies than live that truth. Be the love and Compassion you want to experience.

WE are all so proud of you, heaven is rejoicing for the you are displaying as you express from the source of your heart, as it is leading you to new found wonders of who you perceive yourself to be.

Be the change you wish to experience so others can feel the beauty of your joy and oneness in the experience of all that is, and if they ask you why are you so happy or why have you of lately have the need to do more in your world, simply reply because of my love for you, and in that moment feel the union of both souls. As you cause another to be loved so are you.