15 November 2011

: E-Galactic

Humanity is experiencing a grand awakening.
All over the world all around you what you have term your average people is waking up to see they have all the tools they need to take back their life in their hands,
but at the same time each being feels they are lacking something.
As humanity both the haves and have nots are seeing they have many things in common.
A common foe, Authority figures, governments, religions, all forms of , yet this same difference are bringing you together.

You are breaking free from all illusions had place on your soul, limiting your growth and experience no matter what you did.
With the financial resources realizing they have all the money yet why do suffering exist next to them, why is the world is the way it is today.
Why are there so many corruption. Some are even realizing ways how they got their wealth at the expense of others.

Those who have not had the opportunity to explore wealth are concluding it is their time to experience such, and they are empowering them and their communities to take action against this unfair enemy of all. "MONEY."

The dark ones have left a lot of mess to be clean up.
Because of their carelessness towards humanity they've created unfairness and hatred between the haves and have not leaving one feeling they are some how better than the other.
But all that is changing.
With the new energies people are waking up to see how they can contribute to their world around them by giving what it is they have to offer.

For those with the financial are seeking new ways of spending their wealth besides consuming and competing for .
They are realizing there is much to go around for everybody just if they too are will to make their contributions.
Those that are less fortunate with but have the abundance of gifts, talents, wisdom, love, truth, and creativity are finding out more and more they are becoming empowered to take actions.
Each being is different and is placed in a different circumstance. Those of the arts are realizing they are becoming even more creative without haven to try, new inventions are awakening in the minds of your future leaders, others are wanting to donate to a cause that will aid humanity and is willing to see the outcome as the betterment for all.

No longer would you sit around scratching your heads wondering what to do next, everything is changing.
In the near future both the haves and have nots will be uniting to create a collective resource that is abundant to all.
The funds will be there for the creative leaders of your golden age to have the opportunity manifesting into reality their wildest dreams,
and those who have already experience theirs will be extending out a helping hand.

Harmony is what is taking place on your dearest planet.
The veil of illusion is fading so rapidly, your inner compass is calling for you to unite as one and create the opportunity for all to live out their dreams.
We are part of this process, there more humanity open up with each other in the seed of unconditional love the more likely we are going to be accepted with love not fear.
Governments and religions are starting to feel as system of control, limiting your freedom to express your being in full as you awaken to being a more Intergalactic Human,
honoring the spirit and understanding creation.

In the upcoming weeks and months leading to 2012 you will experience dramatic changes that will also help in your awakening.
More of you are still awaking to the new energies that 11-11-11 open for us, we advice you to take your time and adjust to these energies.
Rest when your body feels the need to, communicate with us and the higher realms.
Remember WE ARE ONE. As you go about your day to day chores hold in your heart space a higher vision of where you see the changes leading humanity.
Work on creating your dreams into reality.

Our reunion is but couple of manifested events away leading to disclosure, soon we will walk the streets with you in creating the golden age.
It's becoming to the end of the year and things are rapping up, which they have to. Some things can no longer be waited or prolong.
We are eager to learn from all you young masters all of the wisdom you have gain from your experience of duality.
These are exciting times yet don't sit and wait for the day to occur, co-create with the collective consciousness, together we will restore joy in the hearts of souls all around your planet.
Really take these times to experience in full and know the magnitude of your purpose here, this is what we all came here for.
Soon you too will be in our role helping with the ascension of other worlds.