Tools Teleconference, 11~08~11

Channeler: Susan Leland


"Well Greetings, Everyone! We have an Exercise to do. But before we get to that, first of all we shall address our wondrous, wondrous, loving, Being from the Northern Country (). So, you wanted to know what was real, in a way – were you really having what you call the lucid dream? Well, of course you were. And what the lucid dream gives you the ability to do is to recall. It also gives you the ability to interact. In order to interact, you've got to be, shall we say, in two places. You've got to be the observer, but you've also got to be in the dream. And you gave yourself the ability to do that!


"You were high dimensional. When you get into high dimensional status, you have the ability to do these kinds of things that are not easy to do in 3D. So the first thing you did was get yourself up and out of there, and that was entirely appropriate to do. You have much capability when it comes to intention for intending and creating, or manifesting. You've been working on it and your work is much honored, and it was the experience that you stepped up to have, because you were ready.


"Every now moment you had had, leading up to that glorious night, was preparation for that event, and you accomplished a huge amount shifting, changing, and a preparation – because what is all of this preparation for anyway? It's so you become a permanent resident, shall we say, of higher dimensionality, and can take your consciousness into more than one dimensionality at a time. How about that? Not so much multi-locating as it is multi-location of your consciousness, without losing any sense of your with self, or of your, shall we say, of your togetherness, or your wholeness.


"Kudos to you, ! I AM clapping my paws because you did such magnificent work. We would like to point out again that that which you did, you shared with the Universe, because it went out in all directions on the waves of energy, which are more supportive of these kinds of endeavors and accomplishments – more so than they have been. So we honor you for taking this step, for having the courage to do so, and for having the knowing that you were going to have an adventure! Whether you knew exactly what the outcome of that adventure would be, or not, is not important.


"You had the courage, the wisdom, the knowledge, and the trust, to have that adventure. Many more await you, all of you. So be, shall we say, in an attitude of Gratitude to this wondrous man for leading the way. You're all going to get there, every one of you. You're wondrous indeed, and exactly where you need to be on your paths at this moment. But now you've heard from someone whose done this, so enjoy what lies ahead for you on your path, each and every one. And everyone who is tuning in to this gathering, whether it be in this now moment, or the next – everybody is getting it!!! Alrighty! Thank you for this opportunity to share what it is that this one, this Beloved Master, wanted to know about.


"And so now even though we have more to do – that is we have an Exercise to do – I have some information for you. Let's talk eleven, eleven, eleven, for a moment. Now all of you are going to be in a sacred place on eleven, eleven, eleven, because you're all sacred and Divine Beings, so let's get that straight right now! So if you have a place to go to for your profession, that is perfect. It is to wake up in the morning of eleven, eleven, eleven, wherever you are in the World, and to know that this is a day to greet the wondrous supportive energies of change and shifting, to embrace these energies into your being. And you don't have to spend an hour or two to do that do you?


"It is as simple as getting into your heart space, and then putting the message out from there: 'I welcome this day in my time. I welcome these moments of Sacred Divine Communion. I welcome my Guides, my Angels, and I welcome these energies coming in, which are bringing the Great Awakening.' (The biggest shift of all, you know, is the Great Awakening.) 'And I call forth upon my path anyone who desires to share this energy with me, and I give it freely throughout this day, and from here on, in every moment!'


"Do you see – that is sacred; that is Divine; that is participation with all of the beings everywhere in the World! If you have an altar, stand before it, or sit before it. How about the altar of you? Stand or sit in front of a mirror, and greet the day. You might like it so much that you'll make it a habit. If you are going to be with others in Sacred Communion or gathering, wonderful indeed, and if you've already greeted the morning – the now moment, one after the other – and the energies coming in -fabulous, you'll only enhance it throughout the day!


"And if you are someplace where you think you're by yourself, think again, because you're not – we're there with you! You see, we know how to get around, and we know how to multi-locate which just means our consciousness is with you, and you can include our hearts in that too, because we are joined heart to heart!


"And so whatever you do on that day, the only the only mission we have for you is to remember Who You Are, and to create from that Divine and Sacredness which You Are, and allow the Joy to come in! Embrace the changes which are so well under way. And there's a lot more going on than what you're hearing about in your news stories. So greet the day. Be joyful, and know that you are here on Planet Earth to participate in whatever it is that there is for you to do, in each moment. And most of all it's to love yourself individually, and as part of the One We All Are.


"Be in Joy, and enjoy the eleven, eleven, eleven, beause it's a day of all days, and it really truly marks the beginning of the Holy Days – well they actually began a few days before – but eleven, eleven, eleven, is a high point in this time that you call the Holy Days of the year on your calendars. And then stay tuned – listen; go within – listen and feel your guidance. It's stepped up now. Part of the energies coming in are so that you will be in total communion with the totality of Who You Really Are! You'll make that connection, and you'll become more clear. You'll have a lot more clarity – not about who you are, you can do that by looking in the mirror, we've told you that many times – but you'll have more clarity about what your next step is, about what it is that you have passion to do. And the more time you spend in that space – time as you measure it on Plant Earth – the more you are drawing to you exactly that which you have passion to be doing!!!


"The Universe will always bring you what it is that you ask for, but it's going to bring it a lot faster if you call it forth. And of course the one rule here for higher dimensional experience and lifestyle is that it be born out of Love – whatever you have passion for, however you express it and live it, is loving, because Love is all that exists once you get up and out of 3D and into higher dimensionalities. Love, that's what its about. So amplify Love within your beings, Beloved Ones, and as you do that -As within so without, as above so below – the more Love you put forth to join with these energies which are coming in, the more you will share, because they are loving ones for Planet Earth. Oh they might shake things up a bit here and there, but this time Planet Earth is making the Ascension, and you're going with it! So get in harmony with Mother Gaia, Father Sky, and all of the Kingdoms, below, on, and above. Be the Love you came here to be, and you are indeed on track, on your path, and with the Love you came here to live. Yes!


"Now, we want to get into the lifestyle that we are discussing. Some things have to happen in order for that lifestyle to become, shall we say, the reality of 3D Earth, and higher. And there are many shiftings and changes which must occur along the way. It's not always a leap from here to there. Oh, you can do some leaping. You just heard a story of great leaping, but there are also the shiftings leading to the next shiftings, and then the next, and the next, and so on, and so on.


"You have heard Ashtar talk about Dominoes falling. And you can look at Dominoes as, all right, it's already well along the path of the Dominoes, but there are still more Dominoes, and they fall gently, and almost melodically with grace and ease. And that is the intention of these energies coming. And there are still more, as we have said, to fall along the path. And this has nothing to do with defeat, or winning, or losing, or any of that. It just has to do with a graceful pattern, a spiraling if you will, and what is spiraling in except that which you have called forth?


"But there are some, oh, extremely major shiftings that need some help. It needs some additional energy in order for that particular Domino to fall into the path, and become a part of the spiraling upward. And the biggest of these is called NESARA. That's right, because NESARA is the key to the lifestyle of higher dimensionality. If you want a word, one word, if you could only have one word for what NESARA brings to the Planet, the best word is Love, because NESARA is born out of the higher dimensional connections of the ones who actually wrote it!!!


"And there is one among us who stood forth to be the – shall we say – the to be the inspiration for the document, the NESARA Law, and of course that spokesperson for the Universe was St. Germain, and he will have more to say upon this.*


"Well the first goal has been met, and the Domino has started to tip, and that goal, of course, was the number of signatures on the petition. Now the rest of the goal is one million touches as it were, one million awakenings, one million to be aware in their consciousness of NESARA. So what we're going to do is, we're going to take a leap over that Domino! We're going to go to the next one. That one, the NESARA one is still at least partially standing, but we're going to the next one on the path that is Post-NESARA Announcement, and we're going to take ourselves there to anchor that on Planet Earth! And it's 3D and higher consciousness, because when it is done in our visions, in our Togetherness Exercise, that helps that NESARA Domino to tip, even more.


"Of course when it falls all the way, that is another way of saying it will be announced, and once it is announced, oh, my goodness sakes, the changes, and the shiftings are going to just be speeded up tremendously! And that spiral is going to pick up momentum, and the Dominoes are going to fall faster, and faster, and faster, until we are at the actual doorway to Ascension. But NESARA is a big door, a big heavy door. Lots of people need to be pushing on that door to get it all the way open. Beyond that door is the rest of the Path, and it is a Golden Age kind of Path.


"It is a Joy Path. It is a wake-up for all who have not waked up. And, oh yes, we come in there, too. So we're going to ask everybody here to just relax – yes, think deep alpha. Breathe that into your bodies, and come into the state of Oneness With All. In other words we're all together now, we're all connected energetically. And now we are together as one heart. You see, we're going to do this creating from the heart space. We're not thinking about it. We're going to go into our hearts, as we know how to do.


"So just take a moment to breathe yourself right down into your heart, and we're going to spend some time there. And we're going to call forth in there, for each and every one of you, your passions, your visions of what you're going to do as soon as the Announcement comes. And we're going to create an overall vision that we can all share in, out of the many passions which reside actually in the heart, but sometimes need to be focused upon, and brought into full manifestation within the heart.


"So you awaken on the day after NESARA is announced, and you feel aglow, perhaps you see a color, or sense a vibration, maybe you hear a sound, or sense the smell of roses, or whatever. And you say, 'Today is the first day after NESARA has come, and I AM free to choose how I want to create my lifestyle from this moment on!' And the first thing you do is you remember – what was it you always wanted to do, but never had the time, the energy, the money, the freedom, to do? For example, perhaps you enjoyed painting pictures, but then you grew up, and you found that you did not have any means to continue with that which had given you such Joy as a child.


"Here's a good way to identify your passions. When you awaken and you greet the day, invite your Inner Child to sit with you for a moment, in the Peace, and the Joy, and the Freedom, and say, 'All right, what is it that we are here to do that we have not done, or that we can do more of, or that we can go someplace else to do?' You won't need a passport you know, and you're going to have abundance. You can buy all of the paints in the World if you want too -just more will be created, if you want to paint big scale!


"'Oh yes, on the other side of town there is a street where families live who don't have enough to eat. I can go and get them high vibrational nurturing and nourishing . I know somebody who's got a farm. I can pay for the gasoline for my car. I can rent a truck, and I can go and get all of these wonderfully grown organic foods that are so harmonious to the bodies, and I can take the to these people, and invite them to share and celebrate that NESARA is announced, and brought into the World for everyone!'


"Perhaps you want to pack a suitcase and travel. Or perhaps you want to take no suitcase, and there's nobody from that three letter TSA organization to question why you're not bringing a suitcase, and where's your passport? And you can just go and say, 'I'm going to start an adventure. I want to go to this place,' and you can get a ticket that will take you there!


"And you will see all around you the dancing in the streets, and you want to join in in that, so go out and dance for a while and sing, because people will wake up when that Announcement is made, because the shackles, the chains, that have bound them for so long, no matter what country in all of Planet Earth they have been living in – many, many, people will have the sensation that the chains are breaking and falling away. And there may be some that you know of who can't quite believe it, so help them out of their chains while you're dancing. Have them come and dance with you!


"And the water, there shall be an abundance of water for all upon the Planet. Oh, yes, we in the Galactic zone will be helping with that, and food, and so on. And it will be a time when you can sit in Divine Communion, prayer, or meditation, not bound by any chains of religion, but simply heart to heart. NESARA's getting announced will do this!!!


"And fear – you can literally see the clouds of fear lifting up where St. Germain waits to transmute all with the Violet Ray into Love Energy, and you can help with that. Wave your magic wand – that's you – and all of these things and more will be post NESARA immediate activities. Whatever it is that is your heart's passion will be opened to you when NESARA unlocks that huge heavy door, and it is only to step through to the other side. So we thank you for all that you've done, and we urge you, and encourage you to do more!


"NESARA will give the Freedom for the Announcement – the other Announcement that you so desire, and so do we!!! You call it Disclosure. Well, we're making a big bunch of appearances right now, and that is going to increase! One of the things that we invite you to do on the day, or the night, of eleven, eleven, eleven is to look up, wave, sing, dance, greet us, because we're there, even if you have such a thick cover of clouds, and so much rain or snow coming down that you can't possibly see, way up there. Close your eyes and look up with your heart and third eye – your wisdom eye -and see us there. We are going to be putting on a real show – that is a showy appearance show – yes! It's show time! We're going to be a part of eleven, eleven,eleven everywhere, so join with us heart-to-heart, and know 'First Contact!' Well, there's nothing first about it, but Disclosure is yet another outgrowth, another Domino to fall when NESARA gets announced!


"There'll be many announcements after NESARA, announcements of the new systems of money, and , and politics, and the word that shall guide it all is 'Love!' It will all come from Love, it will all come from the inspirations of higher dimensionality. And where there is Love, there is no such thing as fear, so the point of this Exercise, Beloved Ones, is to get you past the NESARA Announcement, because on the other side of that door there is no fear. It cannot exist where there is Love, unconditional, so get ready!!!


"NESARA will lift the World into a higher dimensional space, and we invite you to continue with this Exercise at anytime that you choose, in front of your altar, or your mirror, or out with your favorite tree, or animal – however you choose, and wherever you choose. Take yourself past that Announcement Domino, or doorway, and know that it is done. We see it as so. Put yourself into the energy of the Announcement Accomplished!


"There are many, many, ways that you can participate in energizing that Domino to fall, or that door to open. Remember it's part of an upward spiral, and you can do so in 3D, because what you're doing is, you're waking people up, and you're bringing NESARA into 3D!


"But the enjoyment is for you to continue to create with a simple Exercise such as this one, and we're there with you by the way. We're here, and we're there, we can do these things. So can you! Bring yourself along, leap over that door, that Domino. Put yourselves on the other side, and enjoy the post-NESARA lifestyle, and look around and see how far you have come on your Ascension Path when you do!


"We love you beyond words, Beloved Ones, and we thank you for allowing yourselves to join in this vision, in this co-creation, because this message, this vision, this energy, has been sent out! Feel it. Push it out with your hands, if you choose, and send it out to all of Planet Earth, and to the Universe beyond. This is getting it done in all dimensions! And then take a look at how you can continue to raise the vibrations by waking more and more people up to NESARA, who are asleep at this moment in their 3D boxes.


"It's a grand mission Beloved Ones, and yes, we're doing it together! Take the Love, take the Oneness, take the Joy. Keep it in your hearts and share it, beam it out. NESARA IS NOW!!! And so it is! Namaste!


* St Germain spoke at the 11-15-11 Ashtar Teleconference – Stay tuned!

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh
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