by conversationswithadama

I Am Adama, of Telos.  I Am coming into greater contact with more people on the earth.    We, in the Light Realms, are very happy to see all of the progress you've made as a collective.  There's a little further "push" to make and then it will continue getting easier.  I Am making greater levels of contact with many people in order to provide you with the bits of insight you need, like rays of sunshine, to complete your assigned tasks.  Then, a whole new world will open up to you.  You are all very dear to my heart.


A lady from Telos – who says she is – has asked for the picture below, of the little girl, to be posted. She says, "I AM Aurelia.  Sunshine is so needed right now, and so I am bringing a feminine ray of of the sun's essence, straight from the Divine Mother.  How glorious that is.  Soak in the essence and let it permeate your cells.  I am in Love with you, my blessed ones.  Namaste."

Divine Mother with the Elementals & Fairies, speak as one:  We are saturating the surface of your earth with tiny drops of nourishing love.  The picture looks just like a dewy morning, only these droplets are energy and intention.  When there is no love, the energy of your earth gets dry and crackles.  Please accept our Divine offering and feel yourself become renewed.  Breathe in the energies and smile. ~*~*~*