23 November 2011

Channeler: 's Daughter of

We received this comment/question related to Our message on Intuition (Trustion your Intuition)

OK. Intuition is as much a part of life as breathing. But in the same way if I had to consciously process or act upon every breath I take I'd die of exhaustion or suffocation in less than an hour. In 20 minutes I can receive more intuitive hits than I can carry out in 20 years. Give me a way to filter the intuition so that it isn't crushing me daily.

We tend to use analogies quite a bit, it is the best way We have found to explain certain concepts or show a reality from a different angle. We have noticed that sometimes these analogies are taken more or less literally and are analyzed. In this instance, We simply wanted to state that intuition is a natural element found in all of you Earthlings – males and females. The way your world is built, female intuition is rather respected, even encouraged and honoured, but not so much male intuition. Of course, We could have said that, but We see these messages as a springboard, a tool to propel your own thinking and growth.

Male intuition is on the rise. Or more accurately, it is more and more present in their lives, and quite often, they have no clue what to do with it, so they do what they have been raised to do with these types of things… they ignore it… And then the signals and information get louder and more disruptive.

If you are a male, the best way "not to be crushed" is to allow the information to come in, get used to it, and tell yourself (your higher self that is) the type of information you are willing to receive and the type that you want filtered out like that spam of yours you seem to despise so much. Ask the females you trust for guidance and just to externalize these new feelings or information that are now coming to you. Females will play a great role in making it okay and normal for males to acknowledge their feminine aspect.

If you are female, adjust yourself with the new influx or information, and do your best to help and support the males in your entourage who could use a little guidance and compassion. For the new to come in and balance things out, the females not only have to learn to acknowledge their own , but built trust so that males can feel safe, accepted (and still very "manly) for showing the feminine qualities they all embody.

For a while, it may look as is female energy is taking over the world, but it is simply a recalibration process. But We are getting ahead of Ourselves. We will talk more about this at a later date.

Having said that, We will indulge the more when she tells us We should elaborate. For the Earthling who made this statement is correct, consciously focusing on the act of breathing – something that gets done by itself, with no active participation on your part if you will – can harm you to the point of non-existence.

Intuition is ever present, but not constantly active. Most of the time, it just "runs" in the background, processing everything – the way you lungs process the air that you breath without your involvement – if We stay with the breathing analogy. And your intuition will activate and let you know information on a need-to-know basis, most of the time to confirm or deny a conscious/unconscious thought or question that constantly cross your mind as you meet people and go about your day, such as: "Can I trust this person?", "Is it just me or what that person is saying does no match her voice/energy/body language/what I see in her eyes?"

Kind of like the same way you get "alerted" by the aroma of coffee or the smell of smoke – your body processes all the cues it gets from all your senses, and tend to only tell you when there is a change – whether positive, signalling something "good" or pleasurable, or negative, signalling danger or a need for greater alertness.

And sometimes Intuition will kick in to gently change your routine. To take you out of the rut you are in or to help you achieve the things you want to achieve.

Knowing yourself can help you allow your intuition to run in the background without constantly checking it – how your as conditions change; how your body gives you information – many people get their information physically, for instance, their stomach area will tighten into a knot when things are not what they seem or more attention is required and they will feel elated or light when encountering situations where truth is told or all is good.

Trusting yourself/your instincts – that the information will come to you when needed and only then can also help you. Your intuition "knows its job", it will kick in when required, just knowing that it is there and to know the cues and signs is all you need to do. Then you can truly forget about it.

We believe there is some confusion between Intuition and Empathic Information. While there is some similarity, the source of the information is different. Intuition comes from within, usually when you (unconsciously) ask for guidance; and Empathic Information comes from the environment, situations or other people and gets picked up by you and processed/converted into information – often whether you want that information or not.

It is mostly empathic information that can overwhelm you. Especially now, where so many of you are opening up. Your antenna being more powerful, you do pick up a lot more. Even the "unawakened" pick up and send more information.

So it is important to protect your bubble. There are a myriad of ways to seal and protect yourself. Some of them quite elaborate, other quite simple. You can do research or ask around. Here is one suggestion: When you get up in the morning or as you take your shower or brush your teeth, you can take a few moments to consciously lock your etheric doors. Just close your eyes and picture your light body or your bubble, and say in your mind or out loud that Only valuable or required/urgent information goes through the door, everything else stays out. And you can repeat this before a meeting or going to pick up a few items at the grocery store on your way home.

In a way, you are setting or calibrating your antenna. Telling it to only allow information coming for this source or that source. And all you need is a mental note to the self to filter out what does not serve you in any way. You may need to restate your affirmation a few times during the day at first, especially if you are just starting to trace your energy/invisible boundaries.

For those who are more visual, you can simply put one hand over the other (palm over top of hand), and "close" yourself, starting at the top of your head, moving down to the first chakra. And do it in reverse if you want to open the transmissions again.

Mind you, even with that "protection" or seal, sometimes you will receive information you did not ask for. That usually happens when the individual before you has very poor or no boundaries. What you get in those instances often feels like "silent screams" for the Messenger. It can be quite unsettling or distracting when you are not used to it. For you may be having a very quite conversation with someone on the Earthly level if you will, and on the energy/etheric level, the same person is unconsciously screaming contradictory information at you.

We understand that it can be challenging to navigate between these different realities or world. It is not always easy to get up one morning used to experiencing the world a certain way and going to bed having that experience completely changed. It has happened to the Messenger quite a few times. While some aspects of it do become easier with time, an adjustment period is always necessary. Still, We understand how annoying or discouraging it can be to have things change on you the moment you get used to a new reality.

Instead of being annoyed or discouraged, be happy/thankful. This change is a sign that you have assimilated/learned everything you needed and you are ready to move on to the next level of growth. That your path has expanded in a way. See the changes as "graduation presents" instead of a punishment.

Give yourself time to adjust. To feel yourself out if you will. What the Earth and Earthlings (all beings actually) have gone through over this past year of yours is absolutely phenomenal.

Take it one day at a time… One hour (or half-hour) at a time when things get really intense. So much of this "new unknown" (or knowledge remembered) does require some time to be assimilated.

We know you are doing the very best you can. Always give yourself some slack. We mean, the mainstream is still laughing at everything that is written here. Do you know how courageous you are to stand up to your own truth?

Know you can shut/slow down the flow of any "invisible" information coming to you, the same way you turn off the television – by a conscious act. The only difference is that you "create" an off/slow button that works for you.

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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