4 November 2011  

Channeler: Yshatar ( Transmissions)

Just met one of my guides whom I have never met before, a tall blond pleiadien female who calls herself Clara, she said the sun is going to send out an especially potent burst next month on the opening of the 11:11 crystalline gates, she said it most likely wont affect any satellites or on but will be felt powerfully by all of , different people will be affected in different ways.

she said this energy from the sun will cause our solar to connect with the central sun through our own sun, if it hasn't already, so that we may be able to increase the frequency of our light bodies. This energy will in essence thrust humanity further in to empowerment and realization, resulting in a more powerful mass awakening. This will allow the collective on Earth a greater understanding of the power they contain within them and will be increased even more then it is now.

Children and animals will feel the burst the most, but everyone will feel it, even if they are not aware of an energetic burst from the sun. It will travel through the portal that connects Gaia to her Ra or Sol. (Sol-Soul-Solar Plexus), Every energy burst that reaches Gaia from this our local sun or the great central sun will work in much the same way as a kid ridding a bicycle, each time the kid peddles the bike, it helps him advance further in his journey allowing him to arrive at his destination. And so too will the , advance humanity with each burst along their journey helping humanity reach their destination, the new 5D Earth frequency.

This energy will also help put our charkas back in to alignment with our divine mother, each of our chakras will become aligned with the powerful main chakras of our mother Earth, this will restore our memories of previous lives on Earth, ancient knowledge, activate inner wisdom, and reconnect us with our ancient ancestors. Dreams and visions of ancient days may begin for those who haven't connected with this energy. Knowledge may come easy to them about things from the past, old ways that can help our future. On this day a column of brilliant white, loving energy will penetrate your Earths deepest core and will erupt back up in to the atmosphere bathing your planet in loving, healing, solar energy.

This will be a more powerful burst then previous ones though it may not seem as powerful, the energy traveling with this burst was given special energy from the Angels of God, the ascended masters and various star nations. Its a very unique energy that is over due for your planet Earth according to her spirit Gaia, she has been waiting for this for a very long time and finally that time is here and she will re-Joice!, she has played her role so valiantly and these bursts of energy cleanse her spirit and her body, mother to your Universe, this energy will also help to further empower her divine feminine, activating her more in to the Goddess she is, helping further her own kundalini awakening. She also said this will help them and other star races interact more with our planet, she said many races are eagerly waiting to join us but it must be when the time is right, at the moment humanity is only now getting used to having a voice again, getting used to tasting their freedom, for now, it is a wonderful time to focus on strengthening that bond with our fellow man, but that the time that they join us is near!

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