11-15-11 Ashtar Teleconference
"Greetings Beloved Family! It is I, St. Germain, and we are indeed thriving with the Love, and the Courage, and the Joy of being together, in mission and in service, and in connection in all of our hearts and in all of our beings. This is a time which is transmutational, transformational. It is a time for everyone to look deep into their hearts and find Courage, and Freedom, yes, and Joy, and Love – Love that needs no explanation, Love that is Universal, unconditional, and energizing to the changes which are happening even now. You have heard some examples. In every aspect of life upon the changes so long awaited, are in progress now.
"There is no aspect of the lifestyle which is being left out. It's all moving – forward, or upward, if you wish. The transformation has more to come, yes, but it is done from our perspective and we see it as such. And so as Ashtar has said, we have this new wondrous, energetic, and actual – shall we say in the physical sense – addition to the tools* with which we can energize even more these changes, these transformations, because there is now – along with all of the changes which are in progress – there is now an even higher urgency to keep the momentum going, increasing exponentially, so that everything coalesces into the lifestyle of higher dimensionality, so that everyone can be clear, and at Peace. And everyone can be consciously aware of the contributions they have made, whether they might have been judged as being hurtful, they were never wrong, because they were learning, and everyone needs to be aware of that.

"And we need to get past these trials, these Truths – outings of Truth and those who have participated in the costumes of the dark hats. We need to go past this as quickly as the consciousness of Planet Earth can do this transformation, this transmutation. And so it is that we have this new element, this new , this new tool,* that we can all use together. And so we would do an Exercise in this moment that we will send forward to energize all of our efforts individually and collectively as One, from this moment, so that when we come together we can rejoice at our success as Family, and we can know that our success is already assured. So we're going to anchor what you call success into all that is to follow in the days, and perhaps a few weeks to come, so we get to that point that we are all so joyful of outreaching, and that of course is the Announcements!
"And so let us proceed now to join together. Allow yourselves to reach out your hands and feel, feel the warmth, feel the connections. And even as you join hands with each other – and with those of us who are here with you in absolute Love of you, in absolute service to you, and in absolute honoring of you for your Courage and your commitment – Feel the vibrations, feel the hearts connecting, and know that we are in the state of Holy Communion with each other!!!
"And now smile in your hearts, and in your faces, and prepare to allow your hearts to speak words of Wisdom, words of Truth, and words of Joy. And now place in front of you someone who is asleep, maybe someone you know, maybe not, maybe someone that you know but you don't recognize that you know them, someone who is deeply, profoundly asleep, someone who has been having somewhat of a closed heart. And know that that one represents a million, two million or more.
"And now first allow this wondrous energy, this energy that you're feeling, to reach to that one. And you can be assuring them, 'This is Love coming to you. You may not have known such powerful Love before, but I give it to you freely. And I invite you to partake of it as much as you choose. And I am giving you this gift of unconditional, Universal Love, and I am putting it into perpetual motion for you, so that as you wake up, you can access it more and more, and then if you choose, you can share it.
" 'Now pay close attention because I have words for you that you may not have heard before, and you certainly have not heard them in this particular context. I see that you are suffering. I see that you are confined to one or more boxes of the 3D variety and I see that you are starting to be in despair. Take some more Love. Breathe it in, and calm yourself, because I have great joyful news for you. And I am going to share with you a bit of that news, so that I can give you some references, some places to go where you can get the full story, and rejoice that this is so. And as you do, the millions that you're standing for will also get it.
" 'So here is the news: All that you perceive to be hopeless, despair, and fear, any kind of fear, is hereby over, dissolved, transmuted and done! Come, take my hand. Let's fly up a bit. Does it not feel better to be free? And as you experience this Freedom it is the changes which we are here to make on Planet Earth which will free all of the Planet. And it is, because it is holy mission. You need not be constricted by whatever religion you belong to, by whatever lies have been told to you. Now breathe, allow the air of Freedom to come in and give you the courage to look at the world that we have left.
" 'Allow yourself to be awake to see where all the changes need to be made. And now we give you some tools. You are not alone first of all, we are here with you, and as one consciousness together, awake, alive, and enthusiastic, and most of all loving, we can accomplish these changes. So we give you the gift of being One With Us, and we invite you to share that gift.
" 'We give you the gifts of NESARA and Disclosure of the reality of your Family coming from the Stars and the Planets, and all of the places that you might not have thought were populated, but where you yourself have heritage. Yes, together we shall join, we are joined, and We Are One. And the great NESARA shall bring Peace to Planet Earth, and open the door showing the way into the Golden Age, where all manner of remedies, and solutions, and healings shall have the Freedom and the Empowerment to take place.
" 'And there are many ways that you can share. And we now have this wondrous vehicle called 'Thrive.'* Take 'Thrive' into your heart, and use it as an opening. You are here to open doors. Use 'Thrive' to do so. Use 'Thrive' to tell the World -not only to help the World see what needs to be done, but to see the energy of Love which makes it all, not only possible, not only doable, but done. And now the gift we give to you is that it is done!!!
" 'You have only to put into action that which we have shared with you and we promise you that your help, your energy, your assistance, will make it all come forth, and the world shall rise up and out of its 3D density, and move forward on its Ascension Path, and thus it will spread throughout the Universe, because you Beloved, now awake Being, have allowed me to come and share with you. And We Are Truly One, united in spirit, One in heart, One in mission, and One in knowing that it is indeed done!'
"Now see the Lights, Beloved Family, see the Lights as we see them. See how beautiful this coming together, in this Exercise of Love and Joy, has lit up the World. Accept the thanks of the World, Planet Earth, and all that lies beyond in this great Universe. Feel within your own hearts, and accept the thanks of Mother/ Father. Divine you are. Accept the thanks of your own Divine Selves, and know that We Are All One, and that we have co-created together this success, this transformation. Many of you no doubt have seen the Violet Ray as we have been doing this exercise together, and I will assure you that it has been over-laid throughout the Planet now to assist and facilitate this transformation.
"And so we thank you for your participation. We invite you to go forth now from this gathering, remembering, and taking with you in your hearts, indeed in all your being, your connections with all of us as One, and let us go through the motions which have already created the successful outcome of our mission together. Thank you, Beloved Ones! Namaste!"
"We are in awe of you! So powerful, so beautiful in your Love, and we have only our thanks and congratulations! This is a transformational moment in all of the history/herstory of Planet Earth! And the energies which we have shared are more powerful and empowering of this mission, because you Beloved Ones were here! You answered the call, and it is done! Namaste!"
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