14 November 2011

Channeler: El Anora

The Andromedan Council of Light 11/14/11

Every human being, being, and all life forms which inhabit all planets, systems, stars, nebulas, states of being, and , have the right, and the ability, through intention, to experience, and express the highest available to them in their desired state of being.
Each level of , as it moves up through the 9 rays that exist throughout the human body, allow each individual to soar like doves reaching toward the sky.
Each of the peacemakers on the earth, each of those with creative expression, Truth, Understand, and The Light of Reason, can make a difference, and that is the importance of this message.
What does it mean to make a difference? Does that mean to force another being, or a world, to inhabit a certain stage of consciousness?

This is an interesting understanding, and we are careful to acknowledge at this time, discretion, in all areas leading to revolt, or regression, into states of being that are not of the Highest Unconditional Love.
To Truly Love anything, is to let that individual, being, or consciousness, choose from a state of unencumbered control, to be without the aggression of primal urge, rather we would like you to focus on primal consciousness.
What is the different between primal urge and primal consciousness? Primal urge is the allowance of the determined genetic function of the self to determine choices based on urge aggression rather than abundant progression.
To live without considering all options, allowing oneself to see things in a bigger picture, is to devour oneself in the primal urge of the emotional/lower bodies.
And when we mention the emotional/lower bodies, we are simply talking about the past layers that have been placed over the lower bodies, the old primal system that allowed the function of the lower bodies to exist within the black and the red.
The black and the red was the old, but now we can move to the pink and the , the lower bodies, being re-united as crystalline in nature, can contain and embody, the pink and the , just as easily as they have embodied and expressed the black and the red.
And when we mention the black and the red, we mean and passion. Now why would and passion be of most interest to avoid? It is not that either term is essential “bad”, in the context of what it means to be “bad”, but we suggest that neither energies serve the new as we move into a world without these two understandings.
Death is an illusion, and passion is but the illusion placed over , to be passionless is as easily an illusion as to be trapped within one’s own passions, which we suggest leads to the next level, obsession.
Steer away from obsession, and move more towards understanding Universal Conscious Being, which has no attachment to anything that is the old lower black and the red, but flows and flowers, like butterflies reaching out into the great setting Sun.
And with this new layer of energies, the pink and the white, be placed in the crystalline structure, that now surrounds the lower centers, it is with great delight that all can experience the Highest Level of Source through and directly, in this lower body, for in Truth, it was never “lower”, and there is no “Higher”, there is simply a continued consciousness of union on all levels of being.
And so with transparency in place, and the dissolving of the old patterns, a True being emerges. The True being that was beneath the surface all along, and was waiting to come forth, a being without attachment, without fear, and without darkness, pure light spread out to the world.
Now is the time to show that Light, to manifest it, create it, and to allow yourself to detach from the old expressions that no longer served you. It is okay, and it is appropriate to shine your light, but not through obsession, aggression, or ego aggrandizement.
The hardest lesson will be to Trust one another again, and this is the lesson we would like you to learn now, to bring a level of Trust into your relationships, this is not to say that we support those who seek to dominate or control, but ask only that if you should encounter such an event, you do not return to the lower ego to gratify a need to control.
Simply acknowledge that the event is occurring, and give the love that you have to that situation, and then move on. You are remembering that a Light Being does not need to hold on, but through being Light in all ways, moves from place to place without attachment to past, present, or future.
The world is always Bright, now you are simply being there to see it, we are always present to assist, and are most concerned in helping you to dissolve any lower past energies that are still present in your reality, we are still very much insistent in allowing all to choose for themselves, and will not, in any sense, support the re-occupation of planet earth by any extra-terrestrial beings.
We simply will, in the regards of helping to assist this process, transmit, and help, to heal and to express, a Unity Consciousness, of the people of the Earth.
This is your planet, and it has always been your planet, as each of the beings in the Universe have theirs, and it is precious, beautiful, and unique, as you are unique in your expression.
No being is greater than you, nor is any being lesser than you, we co-exist in a continuum, and are ever present in your reality.
But this presence in your reality is not one of domination/control/or force, and we will not intercede in the way you might expect, we shall only assist, by sending the necessary energy, and extracting those energies which are not of your own direct choosing.
By doing so, it frees planet Earth to make the first choice, an action from pure Prime Creative thought, the action of choice. Choose well, and choose wisely.
We are always here to assist you, but are never to intervene,
The Andromedan Council of Light