15 November 2011

: El Anora

We the Arcturian Galaxy of Light, that spinning spiral of Light that illuminates all consciousness on the planets that surround the galaxy and nebulas associated with Arcturus, come now out of the portal of consciousness, and directly into the galactic sphere, to impress upon you one simple word: Humor.
Humor, we are very serious about this, and it is with cautiousness, and with direct caring, that we impress upon you the seriousness of being humorous now in all situations.
There is humor in all situations, if we seek to find it, and there is situations to be humorous in, if we seek to understand them.
What are humors? Well, in the past they have been associated with how the blood pumps through the body, and imagine, how the blood pumps through the body, when the being is in a humorous state, quite a bit!
When we laugh, with our full being, allowing the energies of the cosmos to envelop who we are, finding humor in all situations, we become en-lightened, we lighten up!
And yes, this is what we would like to see, if you are willing to receive it, in pulse and in joy, in this next few weeks as the 11/11/11 energies anchor in.

What is control? Are we in control??
In the past, you have had to be, express, form, an illusion, a construction, a layer over yourself to operate in the environment, there were so many rules of etiquette guiding your actions, dear ones, that how could any of you possibly express who you are with so many layers keeping you from shining your purest light!?
And now that these layers have dissolved, and you are becoming more “gummy” in essence, and are becoming more flexible, watery in nature, you see that the world around you is also becoming so.
Without filters to shine your light through, it shines around, in, dancing for all to see, and perhaps, dear ones, that scares some! It should not, would not, could not, if, all could experience the pure joy that is ever present at now and all-times!

Why is it that we laugh only on occasion? To rejoice only in an event? To celebrate only during celebration times? All moments are a time to celebrate, all occasions and events a time of great joy, life itself is a miracle.
Some might call this pure joy unbalance, unrest, unease, we call this, pure being. To be pure in being is to live without dishonesty, without fear, and without the need to be or express, anything but the divinity that you are.
And you are changing lives through your divinity dear ones, at all moments you are opening a portal that cannot be closed, re-uniting, and re-inviting, the divine cosmic pulse into your Hearts.
Do not doubt that you have changed the lives of others, you have. Do not be dis-couraged by others righteous indignations, they have received. Do not be fooled into repression, this is the nature of the beast, to repress, and it leads all to regress.

Love is unlimited, eternal energy that is never ceasing. Joy is continuous, and it is forever pulsating around you. There is never a time when there is not eternal joy, Truth, and Love.
And to live in this state now, and all ways, yes, for some there is no going back to the way you were, for now you shall all-ways be and express who you are.

Enjoy the laughter, for the way in which others hide their light is humorous, this does not mean that we are not compassionate, dear ones, but we ask you simply this: Has your feeling bad for others ever brought you closer to helping them to feel better? Or perhaps it has done the opposite: Made both feel worse.
Very few are going to accept immediately great joy when they are so down-Hearted, as it is the human way to close off the portal to Light when they are at their worst.
But in time, and with assistance, you will come to notice those around changing through your light.
Be grateful for who you are at all times, respecting another being does not mean limiting your Light, it means being honest, joyous, and full of Light at all times, that pure expression of Liquid Crystalline Crystal Light, that blue, refreshing, multi-colored water, of dripping pure liquid crystal rain, washing over you, and filling you, and setting you at ease, in the pure remembrance of joy.

Drink it up, and no more using flavor packets, it is time to taste your water without saccharine overlays!

If the water is pure, it will taste pure, if the water is muddied, it will taste muddied, you cannot cover up who you are anymore dear ones, and that is great joy!
If greeted by those whom you feel are “lowering” your vibration, change the channel! Flip the switch, operate on a different frequency. They cannot follow your joy!!!
But through your example, one day they will be led there.
Many of you will wonder, why is there so much discussion these past days on keeping in alignment with the new frequencies, thank you, for this question, for we are here to answer it, that is what we do!

All beings can de-stabilize if they allow themselves to return to the lower frequencies, did you think, dear ones, that 11/11/11 would be a quick fix! No, this is no instant cereal to go packet, you cannot just grab it and go!
It is up to all of you to integrate, ground, stabilize, envelop, become, express, and relate the energies of 11/11/11, you manifest it! That is your part, play it!
And why would we use so many exclamation points, yes, we see you asking this too! Because we are excited, enjoyed, enraptured, enlivened, and entertained, by all expressions of pure Liquid Light, even this one, and so it brings us great joy to pulse the sounds of Love in all frequencies and at all times, can you hear the bells, they toll for thee!

We use mythology, movies, fantasy, humor, at all moments, and at all times, to re-align your mistaken belief systems, to put a new layer over that which you once thought to be , trade one fantasy for another, that is our motto!

If you do not like the fantasy you are living, replace it with something that brings you joy. This is very hard for adults, because they have been playing their games for a long time, they have gotten stuck in their role, and they never remembered that they were just children pretending to be.
A child never gets stuck in a role, they try on many roles, until, if, and when, the world chooses one for them, so try on many roles, but do not become stuck inside those roles, they are not you! You are them. And so it is.

With Love,
I am A.U.R.U.R.A.
Arcturian “Gummy Bear” Extraordinaire