1 November 2011


The collapse of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension.

This is in fact not really a collapse as all dimensions have always existed within the same space, which is sometimes hard to understand as many see the dimensions in a linear way.

What is happening is that more and more are moving between these 3 dimensions and actually bringing in the frequencies of the 5th dimension into the 3rd dimension.

This has an effect on what is happening in the 3rd dimension, as it is almost like there is less and less room within the 3rd dimension and the 3rd dimensional frequencies are slowly moving into higher frequencies.

This has an effect on many beings that are within the lower frequencies, the astral realms and so forth.

Yes there are beings that live within the etheric, within the lower frequencies and they are mostly experienced as paranormal activity.

There are also beings that operate in the 3rd dimension but are coming in from .

They are usually more there to interfere with you and the work you are doing.

As more people are now moving into higher frequencies, there will be more interference as the main reason for most of those beings to be there is to interfere with you moving into the higher dimensional frequencies.

It is not a subject that many will talk about, as the focus on the positive is prevalent at this time.

However more and more are experiencing this interference, and many have not learned how to deal with this interference.

As I just said these beings are from higher dimensions, so just moving into a higher frequency will not be effective.

For many it will be enough to ask for assistance of their angels and guides, others might have to learn how to deal with this and can ask their angels and guides to assist them with this as well.

If in doubt, ask someone that you think might know more about this as well.

Any and all beings that come in and force you in a certain direction, be discerning no matter what name they give you.

Now there are also the ones that seem nice, helpful and they are assisting you in many ways. Still discernment is key, and you will have to be aware of this at all times.

Question the information that is given to you at all times.

Especially when they say you are special, you are different than others. They give you your special name and have a complete explanation of where you came from and why you are here on earth at this time and much more.

Each and every person came from Source.

Yes you have had lifetimes on other planets, other universes and you might have a strong connection to these planets and the beings upon it.

You have had lifetimes upon those planets and maybe relationships.

But do not forget, the same reason for being on those planets and having those relationships and experiences, applies at all times. You were there to learn, to experience, to expand your awareness.

Just as you can incarnate on earth, you can incarnate within other civilizations in your universe and beyond.

Have you noticed that almost everyone is only connected to planets within your universe, and not many will actually go further in their search and find their connections or memories of experiences within other universes.

Many know they came from Source and know of their connection to Source, but many seem to forget that this is a path of exploring and expansion at all times.

No matter where and how, it is the path of your being to explore and expand awareness in every incarnation, and in between incarnations.

Be discerning in how to translate the information that is coming to you at all times.

Through Petra Margolis
November 1, 2011