The via : Pop a cork!
30 October 2011

Channeler: Ann A.

[Council, what is the best way to prepare for 11/11?]

There is no one way. There are as many ways as there are people. Everyone has to work out their ascension for themselves. It's a highly individual matter. Isn't that the glory of creation? How much diversity there is in the whole? Humanity is one entity, and yet, it contains billions of individualized sparks of consciousness, all expressing themselves in their own way. It's truly magnificent. We wish you could see the light show that's available from this perspective. And of course you do, when you are in other states of being.

What a leap of faith you must take in your "every day" existence. How brave and full of curiosity you all are. It's a wonderful thing to have an incarnation and to meet the challenges of mundane life. You must all give yourselves a hearty pat on the back. We do it for you all the time, but you don't always feel it.

In answer to your question, this is the best general advice we have for now: The time grows short between now and the next big infusion of light. Take care of yourselves physically. Ground and center yourselves. Drink water, get some sleep. You know the drill.

Be aware of your surroundings. The tendency may be to go too far inward. We suggest that you remember to look outward. You'll experience many inward changes – that is to say, many of you will feel the effects of the inflow – but for those of you who think "What's the big deal? It's just another Friday." Look for clues in your environment. Here's a hint: Eyes tell the story. Really look at other people. That's where you'll see the change.

As far as preparation goes, go on about your business. Do it with a smile. The best preparation for 11/11 is loving kindness and lots of smiling. Be a sunbeam for Jesus, as the old Sunday school song goes. Lots of wisdom in that old, funny tune.

In any case, don't sweat it. You can't not be prepared for 11/11. The energies are coming your way whether you like it or not! We're very excited about it. We can't wait to see the positive results of the alignment. Pop a cork! Celebrate yourselves. Mother Earth is coming into her own, and so are all of you! Love, love, and more love, the Council of Twelve.