October 29, 2011


We are the Crystal Skulls and we come to you today to make our presence known to many of you.

You have heard about us, and many think they know about us.

There is much known about us, and even more unknown.

We were created in Atlantis, but not the Atlantis you mostly remember.

As the earth is much older than most of you remember, there have been times where the civilization of Atlantis was present in other timelines.

The time line of you as a civilization at this time, was created at the time that you remember Atlantis was on earth.

We were created before this and were there from the beginning of the human incarnation on earth.

In fact when we were created humans were not incarnating upon earth yet.

This is why so many want to receive and or use the within us.

We contain it all, all that happened in the past, the diversions, the distortions of the time lines and everything that humanity has gone through in those 16 billion years or so.

We were created to record the human history, as the humans were slowly losing their as this was foreseen by the priestesses of Atlantis at that time.

Our awareness was created through all dimensions, not just the 3rd dimension as at that time the humans were not residing within the 3rd dimension and their bodies had not reached the physical density as it is present now upon earth.

There have been many times where the civilizations upon earth were either destroyed, taken into other dimensions, move to another timeline and so much more.

At this time where much has been done, only by a small group as many are not aware enough at this time, there are only three time lines left.

A small group is and will be working on repairing the older time lines before the Atlantis you remember, as they will also assist in bringing the three timelines closer and eventually merge with yours.

They will be guided by the 13th skull as this is where our information has merged together and is complete.

After we were created we all took our place within creation and the realms of your earth and your universe.

We moved at times as we were guided to do so to be able to record what was happening at that point in time.

We will let the 13th skull speak now as she has all that is within us.

I am here to be of assistance to the earth and the ones that care more about the earth then their own being at this time.

These are the ones that will be assisting the earth in her as they have given their being to assist with this process.

They are the ones working toward expanding their consciousness fully, becoming their full being upon earth as this will be needed for they are to be the conduits for the new earth.

Many will want to assist and be a conduit, I would like to explain to them that the energies that will be present at the moment of ascension of your earth into the new earth reality will be of the most high and can and will destroy you if you are not prepared for this.

I am here to bring you this information as many do not have the awareness yet to receive it through their own being.

We are working together with the masters and all other beings that know about the ascension process of the earth.

As within the 12 skulls all that happened in the past is recorded, not just the good things, also the destructions that happened when the that is being brought in for the ascension of the earth was misused and caused the destructions.

There is much that you do not know, and much of what you know is not the truth.

History as it has been told to you is not always the history that was recorded within the 12 skulls.

To know the future, you have to know some of what your history is, as we all learned from the past to know what was and what could be.

We have been here many times, this point where ascension is possible for the earth mother.

This is why we are here, this is what we were created for.

This process of ascension has been done in previous times, and many times it was interfered with by humans and others that are not present on earth within a human form.

Much work is still needed and this is why we will make our presence more known as the work that is needed is contained within the 12 skulls.

This is of course not just the process of the ascension of the earth mother, even though it is our main focus.

We do know that the human civilization is in need of assistance as well and we will be available for those that have committed themselves to assist the earth and their own path of ascension and creating the new earth reality.

We know that not all will be on this path and they will move into the new earth reality where they will have greater opportunities to become part of the change that is already happening with the many awakened ones upon earth.

We will return with more information when it is needed as we leave you for now and will see many of you when the 11-11-11 portal opens as this is where we can be found.