Jennifer Hoffman

Monday, 24 October, 2011   (posted 3 November, 2011)

The path of relationship represents our connections in the third dimension. While we may describe them as good or bad, they are no more than energetic intersections of karma and healing. We can glamorize relationships to be the wonderful stuff of romance novels or the tribulations that we experience as part of the path of seeking love but they are both all of this and none of this because they are simply energetic connections. From the family we chose to be born into to the partners, friends, neighbors and lovers we choose to share our life path with, it’s only whose flow has a purpose, to bring us closer to wholeness within ourselves.

Why do we choose ‘bad’ relationships, the ones that hurt, disappoint, betray and confuse us? Because they represent our most powerful path to emotional healing. If we can forgive those who hurt us most, then we can also forgive ourselves and gain release from the to cause ourselves . Why do we choose ‘good’ relationships, the ones that feed our , bring us and make us feel amazing? Because we have discovered the secret to life, that we can choose whatever we want and while a choice for pain or love is available to us, it is only when we are aware that pain is optional that we can choose a pain-free path to healing.


We look at people who are in terrible relationships, those in which they are abused, betrayed or hurt and wonder what they are thinking. But they probably look at our choices in the same way because unless we are on a path and its experiences and healing are relevant to us, we can never understand its purpose, which is why we can’t judge others. And even judging our relationships, especially when we put the blame on someone else, does not lead to our healing because that person or people or situation has a place in our life through our invitation. When we feel they have worn out their welcome, we can be complete with that lesson and release them and the need for that kind of relationship-that energy is no longer part of our dynamic.

It is easy to say ‘I want love in my life’ and then wonder why the Universe sends us such terrible partners. But the Universe responds to all of our needs for learning, healing, growth and transformation and brings the connections that will enable that to occur. We receive to the extent of our energetic vibration and like attracts like. The soul is here for healing, in whatever form that takes. So the ugly is just as powerful and healing as the good and often more so, because until we release our need to heal through pain, we will attract the most painful option to speed the healing process. Eventually, we will have enough awareness and love ourselves enough to choose the path of unconditional love and when we do, we will have relationships that bring us the joy and fulfillment that we are ready for on an ego level and that our soul has been longing to help us create.

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