29 November 2011    

Channeler:  Ray Dawn

Hello to you,
We are the Pegasians and we greet you in kind, in the kindest of ways we meet you..

We are here to be with you in this way and at this time to bring a of Love and it’s unfolding measures here upon this .
This love is your true and the allowing of love’s nature is your task here upon the Earth..

This love is yes All, all levels of existence are in Love, for to be in existence is to be in a frequency at the core of Love’s nature. Where we are in frequency- love’s nature is easier to see, quite frankly to see how we live in love is quite easy if you were to visit our existence. Yet here you are here, upon the Earth, and it is not always easy to “see” how love is all and sometimes it feels that no love can be found!

Yes and so that can cause one to only focus on what is “not” love and the spiral begins in that of degradation…
We ask each of you to let go of what you “see”, what you judge is reality and to allow the feeling of love to flow thru you, it is not always seen in your reality but it can always be “felt” in any moment of your choosing!

The time is now to choose this feeling, this love, and to allow its expression.
To do so one must trust that love is allowing this existence and it is a leap of faith sometimes, in moments of hardship most definitely!

Take the risk to choose that moment of love’s enter-ship, allowing it to enter the ship of your awareness. Allow this feeling of love, to let go into it and feel it fully.
As you do, this love will grow, to all your fields it will encompass, and as it is allowed, it gains strength of purpose and allows the fruition of your endeavors here upon the Earth!

Yes it always comes back to the moment of your choosing, to choose the trusting of love’s purposes within you! Start here, within you, focus on it in your moment.

One cannot generalize others experience in non-love and say “see there is no love here, so what is the point!”
You are there to allow this love to transform all-you agreed to do so! It is up to you to allow this love to blossom within you, to take root and to grow out from you to touch all!

Be like the flower and allow your blooming! It can be quite effortless as you come back to your choices, your moment and your allowing it to be…

Take others choices out of the context and allow all others choices as well, it is not yours to judge, condemn or try to change, that causes the pain… so come back to your choice, your center and allow this blossoming of love’s purpose within you!

In each moment is the chance to allow… more and more… Until you are love in all moments!

We enjoy this moment with you and are in such joy of your allowing your expression, for you have no idea how it affects the greater whole, in an instant, as you come into this Oneness, you will feel that connection and just allow it’s expression thru you and enjoy, it is most helpful to all that is…

We greet you in kind and in the kindest of ways we meet you. We meet you here in your heart space and we say to each of you-Enjoy All, Allow All and Be All here in this moment and Allow- All else to be!

Focus upon your allowing this love and it’s purposes to be with you in form, more and more and enjoy this journey to remembrance for all is here with you as you awaken to the truth of all reality…

We greet you and we thank you,

The Pegasians..

copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included-Blessings!