8 November 2011

: Jamie Karl (AKA DraEL)

Hello again dear HuMa!

Cosmic and universal law has fundamentally changed, and is changing, for the fifth age of earth, or fifth sun (the new age). It is one of my tasks to convey this change, as an ascended Ka being, to convey this new law. What follows is not a fully realised conveyance, but more like a working draft, attempting to express these changes.

It may seem odd that a channelled being would request feedback, but I am interested in comprehension, and language – that it is communicated effectively, on a human level. Clearly this is something I cannot fully understand as a 7th dimensional being outside of conventional timespace! (Not to mention an ego possessing being with various proclivities!)

Anyway, here is a draft of the new laws, please let me know if anything does or doesn't make sense, and feel free to ask for clarification!

The U'usa, the seven laws of the dawn:

1. The principle of Emanation

Creation fills every space. is true. All beings exist. All words are truth. Divinity speaks through , and every experience, in every way and every language. is written, time is fixed, all outcomes pre-decided. The universe is like the , filling every possible path and place, or grass growing on every patch of ground. The universe is an expression of all things, undefined yet definite from our perspective, and we must always make our peace with this. Everything has its season, its time and purpose, for all things and ways, there is a place.

2. The principle of Awareness

All things rise and fall, sleep and wake, all things movein cycles of awareness. New knowledge requires understanding, and understanding occurs on many levels, for this reason, enlightenment must be often released, and given time to settle in the . Falling into the arms of the universe, realeasing the knowledge till its return, is the ultimate act of faith and commitment. These “levels&; are comparable to a “conscious&; versus “dreaming state&;. Both allow processing of emotions, or learning, but at different levels of the mind. Just like with sleeping normally, so the enlighted Ka state also requires rest and intergration periods, peaks and troughs.

3. The principle of Conduction

Everything being is held. Everything is supported, what is needed, requested always comes for those who dedicate themselves to process, and even when not dedicated. We are one continous being, what you need is provided by Us. This system of support is called “the Eos”, or dawn. What is reaped is sown, what is given is received. The laws of karma are re-written for those that take the “spiral path”. Perfection is no longer demanded, rest is allowed, and even required. “Dedication” is enough to avoid all of what was formerly known as “Karma”. The “spiral path” is now the truest path, because emotional is “conducted” across timespace, and across dimensions – our weight and our gravity is bourne not merely by us, but by the cosmos. When you run out of “”, the “team” picks up the slack.

4. The principle of Growth

Everything is re-written. All laws, all beings, even in static time, are themselves subject to process. The universe is created anew in every moment, as is the . From a personal perspective the past and future are illusions. All things are in process, including the process itself. Nothing remains static, all is always moving forward.

5. The principle of Unification

All things require energy; All things must rely on externals, and become one with externals. All polarities await "marriage". All things must "feed", life is a desert filled with oasis’, the self is supported only by the whole, because all is one. Feeding the soul, with its heart’s desire gives strength. The eater, and eaten are of one mind. The lover, and loved become one. Follow the heart, run into the fear, follow the hedonism, or self-ishness, or weakness – seek marriage between your polarities in the self, and in the world. At the end of this rainbow, is a pot of gold – the phone call, that is your heart, is from someone truly beautiful, answer the call! One must travel a dark tunnel to emerge in the light, one must act as the “fool” (like the tarot character), knowingly. Act as a self, even when the self is seen through like the illusion that it is. Follow the heart, the “karma”, and there you will find unification when the fear is felt and released.

6. The principle of Perspective

The ego mind is a window. Bias limits us our eyes and ears and our perceptions. The mental and the universe are one thing – that which is felt is experienced. Life is a dreamlike, but it is “real”. Everything is “real”, even the “imagined”. What is absolute is absolute, yet its entirety, unknowable to the ego. Ego bias prevents total knowledge. Contact with other windows, other eyes, and the raising of consciousness, into Ka, is what extends out window. We are leaves on the same tree.

7. The principle of Force

Emotion is a force. Emotion has gravity. All is symbols. Every symbol is a key. All is water. Every word experience, movement or motion, is an expression of energy. This energy is better described as emotion, or better yet as poles seeking union. The divine world lies around you, in the forces of attraction and repulsion, the gravity of emotion pulls us in. Emotion can be heard, can be felt, the energy of the cosmos is expressed in movement, event, and in sound. The pulse of the moment, its throng, or crackle, or motion, is the motion of our own heart and mind.

This may be alot to take in of course, especially at once! I realise in writing this, that it cannot be the short body of writing I had , as Ba, initially hoped it could be, but rather part of the larger text I have always known I would write. But eveything has its start!

Be in life,