23 November 2011

I've been getting a ton of downloads lately. The energies are so powerful my whole body twitches, spasms, trembles, and shakes. Sometimes the information from a download I can interpret immediately, but more often the interpretation comes to me in flashes of insight the next morning when I awake. This morning I had an exciting epiphany. I realized that is awesome. It's purposeful. It breathes meaning into our existence. And the further we dive into the realms of , the deeper becomes our sense of self once we transcend . That's the whole game: diving into as deeply as possible so that as we come up for air, we appreciate unity that much more. That's why bad things happen to good people. That's why the earth is such as hard place to live until we transcend . was a choice we consciously made. It's not bad. It's not something to be avoided. It is something to embrace. It's the best game ever!

But we never intended to stay in duality forever. The game is all about transcending duality. Once we transcend duality, we are free to live in a dualistic world without being burdened by it. We are free to love every minute of every day, fascinated by the beauty and awesomeness of this incredible reality we have so thoughtfully created!

We chose to experience duality temporarily to provide a contrast to our eternal state of unity. A single point in space has no definable location until contrasted with a point of reference. Unity has no meaning without duality! This might be old hat to many of us, but I'm so excited to realize this. This realization brings everything into perspective, and elucidates the path to transcending duality.

How do we transcend duality? By realizing that we made a conscious choice to experience every aspect of duality, for a reason. When we look at a rapist, murderer, or child molester, we can say, "I am that I am." We can love both the rapist and the raped, because they both enhance our experience of unity. In our temporary, illusory state of duality, the rapist and the raped appear separate. But in our permanent state of unity, the rapist and the raped are one, WE are both the rapist and the raped. The experience of being both and appearing separate deepens the experience of the whole by creating a stark contrast to our eternal state of oneness.

Perfect example, fourteen years ago I spent two and half years in prison for trafficking drugs. My life seemed horrible at the time. However, now that my prison life is past me, I appreciate freedom so much more more. Now when I have a "problem," I look back at my prison life and realize that whatever problem I think I have now is really a blessing, because when I was in prison I used to dream about having the type of problems people face on a daily basis. To this day, the time I spent in prison provides a valuable contrast to my more permanent state of freedom. It sucked at the time, but I wouldn't give it up now.

By transcending duality, we release judgment. We forgive others and forgive ourselves. This frees up a ton of , which increases our vibrations, and facilitates our ascension process.