hello one and all…

i hope this message finds you feeling the love

that can now be felt simply by feeling into

your truth…who you are…


who we are has arrived!!!


we are but Love…

we are the very Of Love

as we choose to manifest now

the frequency of love..


the virtue of gratitude is the frequency

of the pure ..it is also if chosen

the very Power that manifests the perfection

of ~ ~ and allows love..

the very presence of love to be revealed

to you….

i myself have been experiencing many miracles

and revelations as i have been living

the practices i am being given..


i have been guided to start a gathering

of friends of the heart as i am being given

many wonderful messages from my Voice

of Love

as to how to manifest in this new

frequency that we are now being

"bathed in"….


we will meet twice a week….i will be giving you

many tools to help you remember what it is

to co create with the Divine..

we have a free conference call line so that

you can call in and meet with others who will

share this experience with you..we will have calls

where we are given new information and we will

have calls where we will share our experiences

as we bring this way of living within the heart

into our very lives within each moment…

each week will be a fee of 9.99 .

if you choose to miss a week or can't make

a week you will have the option and won't be

committed to a monthly fee …

if you do miss a session they are recorded

and you will be able to catch up at your convenience..

does work for these calls and they

are free…


if you are interested you can email me at

deniseanew@aol.com…i will get back to you

and let you know more about the dates and times…

depending on the group we will keep those fluid…


my love to you….denisa