18 November 2011

Channeler: 's Daughter of

By any chance, have you noticed a in yourself very recently? Like during the past week? "Overheating", for instance…

We are using this example because that is the main difference the Messenger has been experiencing. A very familiar, albeit unpleasant situation she lived before earlier this Earthly year…

Apart from the intense heat that seems to be oozing out of her, she is feeling rather well or, shall We say "normal", for her anyway. This intense surface heat that seems to be coming from within is very noticeable to her, but not necessarily for others. You see, it is not a fever, and she is not burning up, just warmer to the touch.

Like her own inner climate change. Not due to anything bad that she did or that she is reacting to, more like an annoying physical cue that the is shifting, evolving if you will.

Her days are easier than her nights. You see, it is more easy to regulate one own temperature when awake. And being awakened because it feels like you are in an oven while the room is actually cold is quite unpleasant and exhausting. For it takes effort to cool down. Still, when she sleeps, it is quite restful… well, minus the strange/disturbing dreams. Things are shifting alright…

If you are feeling generally fine/healthy, but overheating as well or experiencing any other "out of whack" symptoms, the first thing to check is if else about you seems normal, and monitor any fluctuations. You know yourself rather well, if you take the time, you can easily tell when you are reacting to something different than a (physical) . There a huge difference between a dis-ease and a , you see.

Have a balanced approach to stay comfortable. For instance, as tempting as rolling around naked in the snow may be if you are overheating, it is not advisable. For with this type of heat, by the time you feel cold, you will have inflicted some kind of damage – be it frost bite or something else. You can go outside dressed more lightly than usual, but wearing enough clothing to protect yourself from the elements.

And depending on where you live on the Planet, you may be feeling the opposite – extreme cold instead of intense heat. If that is the case, keep the elements and "common " in mind to warm yourself up.

Keep it balanced, reasonable, even if it gets intense.

If you feel overheated, you man want to connect to a glacier when you ground or during meditation. Consciously exchange your hot energy with the cold from the glacier until you feel comfortable, then stop and lock it in. If you are cold, do the same exercise with a volcano or the boiling core of the Earth.

Pay attention to the cues your body gives you. For instance, the Messenger noticed she craves hot beverages a lot more (not necessarily coffee, but hot herbal teas and warm – not spicy, just warm. She also eats quinoa everything as her main protein source… And eats even more than before Unconsciously, she reaches for different types of . Since she eats well, that change helps her stay in balance.

If you notice these changes, follow your body cues, while making sure all your nutritional needs are met.

Each and everyone of you is unique. The Messenger knows what is normal for her. And We are pretty sure you know what your normal is. While her symptoms tend to be a little more extreme than most, she knows when it is okay to ride them through, and she knows when it is time to seek help. She can tell when the physical symptoms she is experiencing are due to something other than a conventional ill.

Still, sometimes the line can be quite thin. So you have to stay attentive.

In "active times" she monitors herself even more, and she lets key people know. If something were to happen, they could help her get the medical need she helps. She knows what is appropriate to tell what, and so do them.

We are sure you have had episodes where you were physically sick, but you knew that whatever was going on was not physical: a karma detoxification; an emotional or memory cleanings or an energy purge or shift. But what did most of your friends/family think?

At times, it can be challenging to surrender to what is. To let things be. To let Nature takes its course if you will. Either because your friends/family are freaking out or do not understand or because your boss/doctor would think you are crazy or making things up – after all, very often what you are experiencing technically should not "exist" or does not make medical sense.

Still, if symptoms drag on for too long or worsen, it is possible what started as "ethereal" morphed into a physical ill. It is important to know yourself well, and know your borderline. It is your responsibility to seek appropriate (medical) help when required. Depending on who you see, the amount of information may vary – for instance if you are talking to a (close-minded) MD vs consulting a holistic/energy healer. There is help out there if you need it. Just be mindful that while the world is opening up, some insist on keeping the door shut…

It is no coincidence that We talked about instincts/intuition and your inner compass earlier. They will always work if you nurture and develop them and take the time to learn all their intricacies. With them, you can handle everything – even if the Internet breaks down (smile).

As , your own normal changes. Pay attention to yourself and to the difference cues you get – either from yourself/body/higher self or changes in your reactions to food, weather, different environments…

If you know yourself well, trust your inner tools and who you are, you will do great. It is easy to "listen" to yourself, stay grounded, peaceful and connected with everything when things are good or average (in the neutral sense). However, when things get active or shaken up, sometimes you get swept away by the permeating energy instead of holding your own.

Know your normal in good/average times, and it will be much easier to trust it when chaos, fear or worry seems to be all around you.

You are wiser than you think. More powerful than you think. More beautiful than you think. More precious than you think. Honour the gold and knowingness that is you at all times.

Remember that everything is relative. You are your own master. Others may be concerned or worry about you – that is normal when someone loves you. Still, you are the only one who knows exactly how it feels to be you. You know yourself inside and out.

Be thankful of the love others show for you, even when its manifestation is unwarranted worry. Hear them out. Be respectful of their concerns. Explain what can be explained. But always listen to your heart. Others may simply be overreacting because they could not handle it if they were in your shoes. But you are you. You know how it feels to be in your shoes and in your mind.

Everybody's definition of normal will be tested and expanded. The more you remain calm and collected and honour your normal, the more you will help others to do the same. When you know your light, you heal and guide others just by who you are and what you do.

What others think of you absolutely does not matter. But who you are is.

Trust and honour your normal.

This is All.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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