A Message from Master, Lady
Channeled by:
October 30, 2011

Dear Blessed Hearts, I have chosen to come forth on this day of Sabbath to bring the word of love of Christ that is not only within your own lovely hearts but all around you.

You need to look no further when searching for the love of Christ. This great and fulfilling love is inside of all of you. The perfect and unconditional love has always been there. It has not been hiding, not really. It has been waiting for YOU to rediscover this perfect love of yourself that is the key to the love of Christ. The love you hold is very precious, so perfect and very beautiful dear precious hearts. This perfect love that is waiting for you to rediscover, once you do, will bring your life so much and harmony. And it is harmony that you are seeking; all that you are seeking results in harmony.

Many of you are already on the journey of self-reflection. This is where it all begins precious hearts. Its begins with you wanting to know more of yourself, wanting to find the God Spark, and the perfect love of Christ and Oneness not just Oneness of your own dear but the Oneness of the Great of God. Dig out all the clutter, all the old ways of early teachings and update yourself with truths that are revealed, learn more loving ways, which speak volumes of your and soul. Each and everything you do comes from you own loving , which you are willing to share with ALL in a most beautiful world. Even among all the chaos that is currently being played, there is beauty to be found. I know many precious hearts become overwhelmed with situations from across this globe, they want to help, and cannot. Prayers, candle vigils, sending light that is filled with breathtaking light is a good way to help. When it’s possible you may be able to help other people in other countries that have been affected by a catastrophe. Some communities send clothing donations not just for children but adults also, also there are some eye glass companies that take prescription glasses to send to organizations that have people that require eye glasses but cannot afford the costs. There are small ways you can contribute dear precious hearts that has little cost that will help in large ways. Do not think you cannot do anything. Being selfless is the Way of God and the Way of Christ. Knowing you did something, no matter the size of the good and gracious deed will leave you with a most rewarding feeling of joy dear precious hearts.

With the reflection and learning more of yourself, you will acquire new strengths, you will see your own personal power that has gotten you through so many difficult challenges, you will find opportunity to correct negative behaviours that have resulted from past experiences, you will learn so much valuable information and you WILL become much wiser as a result. The reflection that you do is not done in a single day precious hearts; it will take time, and great focus, determination and courage. Oh yes, courage does come into play when one reflects. As you can’t always determine what you will find, or how you will react when you come across something you forgot and need to face.

Do not judge yourself for what you find, but love yourself as you are given the opportunity to correct what you find; turn the negative into a positive. Learn to look beyond any imperfections that are of the flesh, as that is all it is flesh. To us of the Divine, we do not look at your flesh covered body for your beauty, we look beyond that and see your spirit which is Divinely Perfect. When you are about to criticize yourself in front of the mirror, or when you are dressing for work, school or what have you, see your beauty through the colours you have chosen to wear that will accentuate your which holds the beauty of your own auric field. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! I do not say this to encourage the ego to step in, I tell you this because I am speaking from heart and what is the TRUTH. Our precious God does not judge you, please dear precious hearts stop hurting yourself and start loving yourself as completely as we do.

You will recognize this TRUTH more often as you learn to move past negative thoughts of yourself. During any moment where you feel your own affirmations are not enough, please call for me, Lady Magda, wife of the blessed . I will embrace you with my unwavering love and support. Each day you wake, you are given another day to a new horizon, a new beginning. I bless you precious hearts, and I can speak for God, Father of Christ, that you are loved and blessed by HIM each and every day.

My time talking through this dear child again to all of you was indeed splendid.

And so it is, Ascended Master, Lady Magda through Julie Miller