14 November 2011

: Gaia's Daughter of

In case you are wondering, something did occur on your 11-11-11. Technically, the process started before that date, and is not quite over, but yes, a pivotal event did take place, and the energies or intensity tipped the balance on that day.

Mind you, it happened at an energetic and consciousness level. And the Sun did join in the following day.

You see, the entire cosmos is quite active. You could say that We are having a ball, and everybody is dancing. Sometimes together, sometimes separately, but everything is so cohesive, united, that everybody is swaying to the beat.

Much is occurring at various levels and intensities. Even the dancers keep changing. So it is useless for you – and might We add, exhausting – to keep up with everything. To try to know what is causing what. Especially considering how much the different energies, jolts and shifts are affecting you. In spite of what you think, global, terrestrial and are all impacting you in one way or another.

A great number of people feel the need to share what they felt happened or did not happen. Others, like the , just feel a great need for rest and contemplation. To go inward. Immerse oneself completely in this new experience of being. This collective experience is a very individual/ one if you know what We mean.

There is so much that We could tell you through her, but she is right, this is an event where it is best for you to figure out on your own. To see what it means for you at this time in your life, what you feel you should apply or change in your life. Because things have changed, and giving yourself the time and space to see how that feels like is what a lot of you need. (In case you are curious, the Messenger is always fully conscious when We tap into her, and there is an exchange – so both view points/consciousness human and non-human are taken into consideration. She always remains fully herself.)

To keep going in the long run, one needs to be gentle with the self. Softness is the word that keeps coming to her. She needs it all around her. This great desire not to do anything even though everything has opened up, elements are falling into place. Now is the time for contemplation, settling in, for learning to understand the upgraded inner compass and to let the energetic dust settle.

The time for doing will come later. If you take care of yourself now, everything will get done better, faster once the body has caught up with the spirit .

The Messenger was drawn to to her sacred space on Sunday (yesterday) morning. She had no intention of going anywhere that day; yet she followed her inner compass. On the way back to her car after her moments of contemplation and quietude, she felt it. How the of the place had changed. Was lighter. Happier.

Unburdened. Free.

Whatever she experienced on 11-11-11, she instantly knew she felt it because We did. On the surface, nothing had changed, yet everything was different. It took her a while to recognize that, the difference in the sameness. Something in her or self had changed, and the same thing happened in Us and all the plants and animals around her. She needed to go to a quiet, peaceful place that she knew to notice this subtle yet powerful difference.

It is not so much was is here now, than what has been flushed away. A detoxification and an expansion all at once. Both the vibrations and how you experience them have changed.

There is a a lot more room for greatness, for understanding, compassion, love and grace, now that a lot (most) of the density has gone.

There is no need to look at calendars or Website about upcoming or current events. You only need to take stock of what is going on with you, how you are feeling and what is happening in all aspects of your life to see how much or how little you are influenced by the whole.

Whatever you need to experience, you live it when the time is right for you. Even if sometimes you are doubtful as to your readiness to partake in the collective energy/path or your own. The idea of unity and all-encompassing love does sound great as a concept, but its application often seems to bring up more questions than answers.

It is much easier than it sounds. Your heart/higher self already knows what to do. Trust that inner compass of yours. The indications will get sharper and more accurate with time – as long as you take the time and effort to understand how it works.

While what many thought was going to happen did not, what was strived for on Our end did take place. The details are irrelevant. Also, the Messenger cannot find the words to express it. The heart and energy have their own way of talking if you will. Trust that your own experience is true.

All you need to know is that all is well. And remember that everything happens in the present.

As a result of this shift of consciousness/energy, you could say that your inner compass may seem misaligned with the way your days or weeks are structured as a society.

For instance, quite a great number of you have trouble getting anything done. At least getting things done on your usual schedule. You may have wonderful ideas, solutions springing to mind, projects that are falling into place, yet you are moving like a snail. Constantly wanting to stop and rest. Your body that is. Your mind/heart are on fire, excited at the thought of getting things done, but your bodily self would rather stare at the wall or take a nap.

You see, your spirit was fully energized by the recent events and wants to spring into action; and your body needs to rest from the purging, the letting go and the activation that has occurred. It is two symptoms of the same thing if you will.

It is a bit like the weather these days, not always what it should normally be. Either too much or too little for the time of year or totally in the wrong season it seems. Everything will settle.

Take notes. Write things down to make sure you remember all the important insights and ideas that come to mind. While you higher self always remember these things, you may soon find yourself forgetting amazing things you though you'd remember forever. Things are intensifying and piling up on top of each other. The more enlightening truths and revelations you discover and uncover, the more keep showing up.

Do your best to balance both — the rest and the doing. You need time to recuperate from recent events… even if you feel nothing happened.

The only way We can explain it, is that for many of you, your inner clock or routine has suddenly changed, but the collective clock that all of your follow remains the same. Like all of the sudden you find yourself ready to take on the day when it is time to go to bed… after feeling rather sluggish or slow to move all day.

Accommodate both schedules if you will. They will eventually overlap and get back in sync after a while.

In short, you all need time to settle. Test out this new energy, these new emotions or vibrations to see if they really fit. They do, mind you, it's just that everything expanded and got turned upside down and it will take a little while to find your external bearings again.

You are getting in tune with your instincts/intuition, which sometimes go against conventional wisdom or knowledge. Your schedule is being disrupted in a way so you can experience in the physical world so many of the things that have happened and have yet to happen in the invisible realm.

Still, whether or not you felt the shift physically that day (11-11-11) is absolutely irrelevant. Just know that you always experience what is appropriate for you at the time. Maybe you lived through the shift before everybody else. Maybe you will go through it after. The only thing that matters is that it occurs when you are ready for it.

We were ready for it. And so it happened.

Also know that when you are overly focused on one event or outcome, you may miss out on the experience even if you are standing in the middle of the action when it happens. Wherever you were, you may have been present in body, but you were not present in the present moment.

Your inner compass always tells you which way is up. The thing is, it can be challenging to trust it when you feel more, and that "new" up used to be down. It can be both unsettling and exciting.

Unsettling because you were not necessarily expecting your world to be turned upside down. Exciting because the new view or perspective is making you understand yourself and life in ways you never could have imagined before.

So take a breather. Readjust your schedule or your day the best you can while your body adapts to the reality your spirit always knew. Just remember to be patient with yourself (and with others) and to give yourself time to to get used to your more accurate and sensitive inner compass.

For time is what you need, and there is plenty of it…

This is All.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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