Channeled by:
December 20, 2011

So much hurry and hustle and bustle, the feelings of excitement and anxiety fills the air of as many of you rush around preparing for the festivities of . Feel the spirit and joy of the season, not the rush to buy the next present on your gift giving list. your to the warmth of the season even if it is cold and possibly snow bound where you reside.

With so much rushing, many dear souls lose their precious patience and allow themselves to use harsh words or be on the receiving end of those not so nice words. When you speak to another, with no regards to the season or holiday, always speak from the heart and with as much love as you can possibly find within your unconditional loving heart. When you speak with kindness even during moments of frustrations, your will remain light, and free of negative emotion attachment. Like the verse in the song, “Tis the Season to be Jolly”, be happy dear ones, be joyous and celebrate the meaning of Christmas, the birth of the , and of the chance to start fresh and new.

I have seen many Christmas lists and some of them are very expansive and expensive. The best gifts are still what is given from the heart. Something you create with your own effort, time and pure LOVE intention is still the best received gift because you are giving a part of yourself. What is wanted by many dear children of Earth is not something that can be bought or necessarily made, but given through compassion, love and kindness. Many dear children are wanting to be respected, to be loved, to be treated with kindness and not with indifference. In the eyes of the Divine, there is no one on Earth that is better than the other. It is perceived by your own thoughts, but the truth is you are each at a different place that appears to be better. Where you are spiritually and personally is where you are meant to be and you will advance as the more knowledge you gain from looking within and allowing your guides to really guide you.

Being able to give yourself totally to your guides does not mean you lose yourself, but you are in FULL trust of their love for you and KNOW they are working with you for your greatest of good. And we know TRUST is not given easily and this is due to the many hardships you have had to endure. Open your hearts dear ones, accept us completely and accept God into your loving heart. We will not harm you, we will only love you completely and unconditionally.

Learn to manifest what it is you desire from your heart to the Universe. When you manifest, speak with progressive words such as I WILL, or I CAN; use strong action words that come from your heart and not with the Ego. The Universe does hear dear ones, as it’s a part of you already. Go within your heart to see the beautiful Universe that lies within. Work on your chakras and learn to see your chakra colours, you will connect to the Universe that lives within each of you after careful maintenance. Explore your chakras, see that they are essential as part of your journey that is leading you to the Oneness you are seeing within yourself and with God.

As you move through along your path you will learn to figure out your Divine purpose. You will know when you suddenly have a feeling emerge from reading an article or text from a book, or possibly watching one of the wonderfully created spiritual videos. You will resonate with specific material more than others, and you will arrive with your own conclusions by listening only to your heart. If you are uncertain dear ones, invoke my presence and I will guide you to your TRUTH. I am including at the end of our today, one of the many invocations to use to call for my guidance. *

Once you figure out even a portion of your purpose, you will be taken along many paths and roads that will change your course of action and this always is depending on the choices you make. Remain focused dear ones and commit to always discovering new and marvellous ideas that will continue to improve your way of thinking and living, which in turn will help others as you are approached for guidance and support. Many of you already are guides to fellow Lightworkers, friends, family members and individuals that have crossed your path for one reason or another. It is admirable to give yourself to others that gives knowledge and wisdom to both. Teaching in whatever form you are capable of is nurturing for all that is involved. And the growth potential is exponential.

Spiritual practice of the East is becoming more and more integrated with the practices of the West. There is much to be gleaned from both. Sharing of ideas, knowledge and beliefs is beneficial for complete understanding of each other. Your uniqueness is also your strength, never a weakness. When sharing with another from a different culture, it is important to be open-minded, and tactful. You are not required to agree with all that is available to be learned, but to speak and react from the heart in order to alleviate the possibilities of feelings being hurt and trust broken. Each of you, no matter your background has much to offer, to teach and to learn. Join as the brothers and sisters you are, unite with love dear ones.

Love is in you to give, so give the gift of Love this year for Christmas.

And so it is, , El Morya through Julie Miller