By Gregory von Haesler

December 17, 2011


Dragon Years are change years no matter how you look at it. The Fright of y2k (exactly 12 years ago and a full revolution on an astrological wheel) caused great fear and upheaval. People instinctively know that during a dragon year, new things are going to happen. The dragon is symbolized by the red , and aries. It is the chakra. Dragon , when properly harnessed creates new life and growth and springlike qualities. Negative dragon energies is arrogance, aggressiveness, & violence. We see a bit of both of these now, don’t we? The Year of the Water Dragon, 2012 is a year of Great Things indeed.

We are at a crux of a major awakening. As we dawn into Aquarius, can’t hide from themselves anymore. We are being forced into seeing just like the water bearer does. 2012, the year of the Water Dragon is going to be an immersion into the depths of our new world like no other. This is truly a leap year of many quantum proportions. A wild ride which we should definitely be holding on for.

As people awaken to their true potential, the elite gradually diminish. This is the natural occurrence & something which must be done. The elite mentality of being supreme and “above&; humans has to stop. Humans are waking up to the scary & often frightening black scenes of the underworld. Secrets which have lasted for the last several thousand years are resurfacing. Old energies have to die, and that means the oldest. Deep, archaic and severely powerful black magic has plagued our planet. This world has been immersed in darkness. We haven’t seen it, but as is the nature of darkness. It is being revealed to see, so it can be healed. Healing it means removing it. Powerful, negative forces have been conspiring over long periods of time. They have truly sought to control humanity. Humans have to face the realization that the dark, scary dreamworld so often rejected is in-fact real. This realization comes of course with the light of healing. As we face this darkness, we heal it. Each day the darkness shows it’s self more & is healed in the light. Each dramatic, horrific act of oppression they commit exposes & deteriorates them more.

Philosophically speaking, think of these as strictly shadow beings. What is happening, is the light is returning to this place. As the light grows stronger, the being who has lived in this cave is no longer fed because the surface dwellers have grown lighter. As they vibrate higher (in light), they do not give into lower and darker temptations. This infuriates the being of darkness, so it must go into the light to get it’s fix. In doing so, it is cleansed and everything rebirths because of it. By this logic, there is no stopping the demise of darkened beings. As the world grows in consciousness & vibration, they will lash out; again and again. Each attack rendering them significantly weaker. When they attempt their full-on end-game plan, they will be at their weakest point.


SO. 2012, the year of the dragon. The Water Dragon. OR, the “Emotional Dragon.” You see, the Water Dragon is not as aggressive or violent as other dragons. No, the water dragon is a sensitive one. This means the energy of kundalini or “root” energy will be cleansed by love. As I have said, we are entering the 5th dimension. This means there will be no stopping a solid and swift move towards benevolence in consciousness. During the time of the Water Dragon, the Aggressive & violent tendencies of Dragons is healed.

In the White Light of the Divine


Gregory Matthew von Haesler