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Transcript excerpt from our BlogTalk Radio Show, "Conversations with Adama," on 12-4-11 beginning at about 55 minutes in.

Selene: What can we do to stay in the state where the mind surrenders to the heart?  Can you talk more on that?

: The heart has to do with community and sharing. When the mind surrenders to the heart, it opens doors, and it opens your awareness to parts of yourself that you may not have known existed.  As you merge with God/dess, then God will teach your heart expanded consciousness and you’ll begin to feel more communion with life, with flowers and animals and nature.  You’ll feel the harmony, the tone, the pulse that is simultaneously in all of creation.  When you’re in harmony with that, then all of your fears will fall away.
To use an analogy, if you were to look at your hand, and get lost looking at it, so that you think you’re limited to only being “one hand,” the mind is then fixated on limitation.  As you begin to open and expand your awareness, you go, “ahh, I am more than only one hand, I am a whole entire body.”  When that recognition arrives, you recognize your purpose.  You have full access to all of your faculties.  You can breathe, you can smell, you can write, you can run, and play.  New dimensions of experience open up to you.  Similarly, as your mind surrenders to your heart, then God can reveal to you the full consciousness of who you are.

     This is the next step that we’re taking.  Humanity is beginning to access full consciousness and this will have a tremendous and profound impact on the world, as you can imagine.  Every tiny component of your experience of who you are will vibrate differently as your awareness expands.  And so, taking time daily to hold this frequency that I’m talking about, bringing the into your heart and sending it to your mind, the mind will release it’s hold on it’s preconceived notions that you’ve been holding on to for thousands of lifetimes.  Then, piece by piece, you’ll begin to comprehend the whole picture.

     This is the value of practicing this expanded state of consciousness and why it’s important to allow a space of time whenever you get the chance to hold this awareness in your consciousness, and this intention, to allow the heart to permeate every component of who you are.  That’s what’s going to allow wisdom and truth to fully unfold within you like the petals of a flower opening up to what’s real.

Selene: Do you have a suggestion as to how to do that quickly, in the moment, for those who might be wondering how?

Adama: The process is organically taking place among everyone around the whole world, regardless of whether one focuses intentionally on the process, because it is the Divine Will that the planet begin to awaken.  Still, I’m encouraging you to have a deliberate space of time where you can feel the process as it’s happening and notice it.  Being in a space of allowing is very important, to breathe into your body and tell yourself “I Am going to allow the Divinity of Truth, I Am going to allow that Flower that I hold in my awareness to blossom and open."  Everything will be happier, it will be a gentler process for you.  As far as "doing," it’s more of a passive approach of expecting and knowing that you are going to reach this state of being without trying to get there.  As soon as you start reaching for Divinity, it will seem further away, more elusive.  So, the wisdom is to bring it into your consciousness by practicing being in a calm state of mind and knowing, again, that as you set your intention to  facilitate this growth and this and this expansion, that Divinity in you is responding.

Anna-Kristina: Would Adama tell us something about the and what can we expect to see in the world in the coming years?

Adama: This is Adama speaking.  As far as the Ascension process and what you can expect in the coming years, know that the process is taking place in as smooth a way as possible for all concerned.  No worry is needed and there’s no expectation of a traumatic transition.  Gentleness is key. And what I perceive happening in the near future is the transition of the overall feeling of the global consciousness to that of a softer vibration.  A very gentle healing resonance will be spreading throughout the globe.  And this is a preparation for the continuing changes.   No longer is there a with as the necessary means for .  No longer is humanity requiring that struggle be in place to overcome perceived obstacles.  Now the collective consciousness as I perceive it now, is sharing, has an attitude of cooperation that is forming, at a grassroots level, which I perceive over the following years will grow and expand until it’s more perceptible to the general population.  And seeds are growing – seeds that have been planted many years ago are taking root, and this is a beautiful, exciting thing to see.

Selene: I think there is a lot of fear still around the year 2012 and what may or may not happen, and a lot of fear that it’s possible not to ascend.

Adama:  You can look at fear consciousness, as a human creation, right?  We’re all sharing a dream and this dream can shift.  It can shift quite quickly.  What I’m perceiving is multiple dreams within a dream – we’re starting to refer to Inception, the movie, if anyone has watched it.  There really are many components to this “dream,” and some people are still plugged in to the fearful dream.  But as the collective begins to choose a different reality, the new reality will build momentum, and the fear consciousness will fade.  It will be as if this dream construct that requires fear consciousness around the process of Ascension will begin to just dissipate.

Erin: I like how Adama is seeing the bigger picture and also pulling our attention away from the past in into the possibility of what’s next and the possibility that what’s coming is actually going to be enjoyable.

Selene: It is a comfort, I think , for me when he said that the fear would just “dissipate.”

Erin: I got a visual when he said that and it was like sand.  Like it was a big bubble of consciousness, and it just sort of dissolved.  No one was investing any energy in it. It was our dream, so if we stop investing energy in it, it’s going to run out of steam, and dissolve.




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