Posted on December 26, 2011

By Kauilapele

“Be ready. Be ready for the calling of the Love vibration, the Passion essence, the Joy fragrance, to guide you. Follow that Guidance. And we will greet you with our Love, our Passion, our Joy, as we meet in our Homes, on our Common Planet.”

KP note: First I thought this might be coming from the Pleiadians, and then maybe the Andromedans, and now… who knows… And what’s the difference anyway, at least for this one (meaning me). So here goes…


We must say that we are glad that the one who writes this [KP] got the that his inability to go to sleep in the comfortable bed was not because anything was amiss. Rather, all was a-bliss. The perfect time to receive our to you was here.

Now many have recalled their path of purpose in this lifetime. Many are still discovering their humanity-body awareness. Many are still clueless that there even IS anything besides their simple human body existence. That is all as it should be.

What we are saying here is that the multi-functionality of humanity at this stage is a form with which we have worked before, and will form the perfect vehicle for preparation for the next stage. Each [group] will assist each in the process and you will find that the various groups’ levels will spur each of the other groups own personal process.

Now… the date often referred to as the by many, 12-25-11, was a potent [door, gateway] opening for this planet. And for all parts of the cosmos related to this planet, and for all those assisting this planet through its upward movement into awareness of its Galactic/Universal self. On the “other” side of this is a realm where those whose knowledge of their ascension is in depth, namely well understood, may reside in much greater ease than previous. Their is done. Namely, their on the “normal-human-type-normal-3D-life-and-all-that” phase of life is through. Done. Finished.

There are many others (the bulk ‘o’ humanity) that will carry on their roles at that “normal-human-type-normal-3D-life-and-all-that” level.

[Sip 'o' tea, please…]

So what now? For those who have left that “normal-human-type-normal-3D-life-and-all-that” phase of life? We say to you that this next phase is of preparing sites upon this 3D to 4D to 5D becoming planet for our visitations and interaction, at various levels, with as many hue-mans as possible for this time. Okay as we are with mostly “hanging around in the sky and in front of your ‘stars’ and suns”, we have finished our own phase (line) of work there. We have stepped through this 12-25-11 portal with you.

We chose this particular portal period because to you, the bulk who have grown up 3D-wise with this planet, the 12-25 represents the birth of a Higher Consciosness, the inception of a new paradigm into the current level of consciousness, whatever it may be.

So here we are.

We are being called to interact with each of you who is ready for us. We desire abodes of stillness and privacy from the general “public”, to most effectively interact in an atmosphere of casual friendship. That is who we are. We are your friends. And although at one moment sometime ago, we had intended to follow the (perhaps more exciting to some of you) more Hollywood style “mass decloakings in front of billions”, we quickly became aware of the intense levels of fear that would induce in the vast majority of the humans. Not helpful.

So we altered our scheme to more or less envelope the Earth in a loving blanket of craft who continuously beam their love and light to the entire planet 24-7, as you say. Then a few shuttlers of ours come in and themselves to you (yes, you may call them “flashers”), to remind you that we are here. And next, we need to acquire access to human-style “bases” (“community homes” may be a better word) to continue the contact/disclosure process.

Who is called to help us with this? You know who you are. The one writing this is one. There are many others. We might say, “a lot”. We might say, “zillions”. Where are these “community homes” to be located? We might say, “here”. We might say, “there”. We might say, “everywhere”. Although those locations require presence of Light-minded and Galactically-aware groups of individuals. Caretakers are going to be selected from those groups of individuals.

You know who you are. You will know who you are. You will be where you love to be. For it is Love that will guide you.

We say this to you,

“Be ready. Be ready for the calling of the Love vibration, the Passion essence, the Joy fragrance, to guide you. Follow that Guidance. And we will greet you with our Love, our Passion, our Joy, as we meet in our Community Homes, on our Common Planet.”