5 December 2011


Do you know that the with you and not for you? It is not possible for the Universe to give you something that you do not want or to create situations that you have not already set an for in some part of your . The Universal does not create something out of nothing. It only creates that which you have already established energetic space for in your own world. As soon as you have defined the desire and set the intention , you set up the vibrations that create the . Understanding this is the key to manifestation what you want in life.

When you pray to God, or Source, to 'fix this problem' the Universe is unable to respond to you because you have not created anything. Are you accepting responsibility for the situation which you have created, consciously or unconsciously? There is no unconscious creation in the Universe, create is always equal. And you must create the space for the solution by establishing the possibility for that reality. You may ask for help because you feel that the Universe is far wiser than you are, but that is not the truth of your being. You have all of the wisdom and knowledge of the Universe at your disposal and your ability to use it is only limited by your belief system.

At this time there is so much available to you that you are able to create simply by speaking or thinking about what you want. Are you aware of what you are asking for? It is also important, at this time, for you to understand how you created difficulties in your life so that you can alter the beliefs and perceptions that are the foundation for those situations. If you do not take this step, then each new reality will reflect these beliefs, until you change them.

Miracles are not a process through which the Universe creates something that you never dreamed to be possible. The Universe does not create miracles for you, they represent your energetic shifts that you create them for yourselves. They reflect a change in your perception, a moment when you ask for a new reality, without fear, expectations or judgment. You can only receive that which you ask for and know exists in your field of potential and possibilities. As you manifest your reality remember that it is created from your beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and words. Help is always available to you once you understand that the Universe works with you to create miracles in your life and problems are fixed when you understand their source, acknowledge their lesson and the information that they have for you and are willing to create a solution.

(Note: this is a re-print of one of the first Archangel Uriel channels, from 2004).