8 December 2011

Channeler: Christine Anne K.

December 2, 2011

Agol, an enlightened , transmits the vibration of approach of a object and the various observations and important it means for our evolution at the beginning of this new cycle, and invites us to manage this in our circles (*). ..

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Welcome, dear of Earth. I am Agol Anna Hus O'Kel from Uranus II, you already know me, and I say welcome, this is our way of hospitality, even knowing that I am received … It is I who invite you, however.

So I chose to come back to talk via this channel, and through my position as a scientist (say enlightened) and Emir of the Brotherhood of Intergalactic Higher Consciousness. A few months ago, I told you my dear ones that we observe closely the phase of our common sun -which we call Shella, us on Uranus- and I invite you to support our shared star in, say its wanderings, and its path in a cycle change (I specify that this is not precisely the change in cycles which your planet Earth has just begun, this is a parenthesis).

So here today I rather just tell you two or three important things which affect our solar system – whose we share the life, movement, ascension, complex orbits, and crossing cycles, that affect either the entire solar system, or some planets like yours for example, or ours.

So there is, dear ones, one first thing I would like you to know, because it is important that we share in conscience and in our hearts : the movement of the tides on our planets – because we ourselves have also a tidal movement, even if we have no sea like the ones on Earth -so this movement is now regular, cyclical, sometimes subject to some fluctuations, and it is rigged, both for us and for you – by the frequency that comes from the sun, and for you from your moon also, I believe, and for us too.

But it will be added very soon, among the stars who will influence the movement of tides, a new element. This object is not actually a planet and not exactly what you call a comet. This is an important celestial object that will make its appearance in the magnetic fields and say cosmo-telluric fields (I use that word, by default because there is no other to be used) from your planet – I do not speak of our-, and whose influence will be felt, in some subtle way, although I have no privileged vantage point on your Earth about it, but very certainly will affect the movement of the tides.
I'm not here telling you about predicted disaster, because it is neither my role nor my competence or my ability to comment, and also this is not my state of mind.
I mention just a cosmic data that it seems important that you know, as this can help you understand some phenomena that could possibly happen, and even to anticipate those changes. Indeed, I can provide some important and accurate frequency data relating to this celestial object that I just mentioned. Notice that I did not use a name to designate it, because I have no interesting regarding the name you might give it (although maybe you have one: I know that in such cases you use some conventional names to describe a particular phenomenon, and that these names have little meaning in the cosmic plan). I am not able to inform you of the conventional name of what I speak, and I apologize. However, as I told you, I can pass this data frequency that will help, I hope, you to have some useful benchmarks.

Here is a first data – I'll pass them, I might add, in the of vibrations and sounds, not figured, because their nature and complexity are not part of a posssible figured transmission. Here is now the first frequency data, there are five total.

…. Progress of each of five successive data frequency transmission, vibrations in silence and sounds ….

… As you may have observed: data 4 and 5 are wave systems quite simple and repetitive, while the first 3 are much more complex … Tell me how you will use this data? Well, with your participation in scientific circles (*) you can certainly share them and I hope you will analyze and process them … Know that there is a fairly obvious combination of wave systems on the five data , that establishes say the curve and cyclical variations and temporal influence of this cosmic or celestial object which I've not named, but which I specifically have said the next occurrence in your terrestrial field and your tides.

I invite you, dear ones, considering these data and their use: to practice a lot more joy than anxiety, and to use this in the sense of unfolding your collective intelligence and resources, which are numerous and of high quality.

This being processed, I will now tell you about a second subject. We have noticed, we of Uranus, that there are a variety of small puddles or stains that appear sporadically, and blinking for almost say, on the edge of the external vibratory field of your planet, and this for us means a significant change in our observations because it did not happen before. We have the ability to identify these phenomena as certainly vibratory ones, but that are directly related to the vibration of your consciousness and to the changes in forms of interacting lights emanating from your planet, and therefore from your humanity.

This is currently still quite chaotic and we hope to see it maybe regularized, stabilized, harmonized, and perhaps see these apparitions (because you may use that word) a little less fleeting or random. I want to reassure you by saying they are still very evident and clear, and unambiguous when they appear, and that our analysis is quite positive – let’s say optimistic because I know you like that sort of word …

We are also informed about the offers of collaboration that have been implemented by our solar brothers from Mars to you, and should therefore be directed perhaps into something that will also help stabilize the events which I have just given to you the conditions and form of observations … Beyond the purely factual issue of giving you this information, it seems interesting that this information enables you to try to manage something. I have no particular precise methodology, from my place, to give you in this matter. But I am convinced -and this for specific reasons- you have the ability, once you will consult each other in this regard (*), to establish a form of actions or thoughts or vibration, which can then act on these events or say on the cause. Because we observe rather an effect, you're more able to manage what you call the cause – which for us is simply the polarity of this effect we observe.

I invite you therefore to address this observation, and to that end I will also issue you some data from our observations, but remastered, so you can hopefully make use of it properly. This data will be issued in the form of a sequence resembling a sequence of words. Do not see any special significance, it is simply a way to format data packets and transmit them audibly to you.
There are three sequences:

Here is the first one … sequence of words / groups of sounds …
Second sequence … sequence of words / groups of sounds …
Third sequence … sequence of words / groups of sounds …

With these three sequences of words – I call this words, it may surprise you, but a word is a data packet isn’t it, so you will have all available data, we hope, as we have processed and sorted them, which can help you manage (we hope you’ll do), and we certainly know that some teams are able to handle this and do what you choose to make your point, and maybe add your own comments to what I sent you.

It is therefore clear, and I apologize, that this transmission is made for very specialized circles (*). But if I pass it on this way through this channel, it is also because the data packets, and these preceding frequency sequences, have an incentive to move vibrationally on a relatively large audience because they inform you and by bio-resonance therefore transmit to all of your humanity, which has the effect of also acting in a purely biological phenomena to which I referred in speaking to you.

Before completing this procedure, there is a third thing I want to talk about. This is almost a form of warning, not in the dramatic sense of the term, of course (this is not my style), but you are, let me tell you my dear brothers and sisters of Earth, as we now observe, in a very interesting phase of the movement of your planet and of the evolutionary movement of your humanity on this planet … For there is complete restart of a variety of systems, which have recently reached the tipping point of cycles change you just went through, that is the final phase of their previous cycle, and therefore can now restart or stay in line waiting – waiting for the right time to restart … Allowing you, my dear ones, both collectively and individually, to reset everything, on a large scale, a large overhaul, and I use expressions that are familiar to you and this is deliberate: I want to speak in a way that is not abstract for you.

So you are absolutely privileged in this period, in terms of our observations and certainly in terms of your lifes and your evolution, to practice all these updates, these upgrades. It's time to get rid of all that is used, all that is out of date, of all that is to recycle (as you know there is recycling). And there will soon be available, and it will come to you in a systemic way: all the new data, new settings, and certainly the new paradigms that will be your new database for the new cycle – which is in full start-up, at point zero in some way, with a great evolution curve that is presented to proceed through.

So I wanted to tell you this, from our point of view and my view as Emir of Intergalactic Higher Consciousness. I know that some of you have the ability to clearly observe it, but they are few, and this is the assertion of an external observation.

Thank you for your attention and I wish you, once again, welcome, my dears, with all my love and consideration. I now withdraw. I am Agol, from Uranus, your brother. Alleluia.

(*) Circles : Agol refers to the practice accessible to all of us, circles of telepathic collective intelligence – some examples of that form of meetings are the "Pleiadians and Galactic circles" you can find on this blog, channeled for your information.

via Christine Anne K. 02/12/2011

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