28 December 2011

[Hi Al! Do you mind if I call you Al?]
Not at all lassie. I like Al. Suits me fine! What can I do for you?
[Well, just wanted a small chat, really. We were of wondering if you could tell us more about you? I mean, are you with the cabal? A white hat? Anything you could share with us, please]
Ok, yes I am a kind of double agent of sorts if you like. Me, as in the Higher Self of the man you heard on the radio, as Anonymous, I work on a starship with the . I am not usually working for them full time, as I am somewhat of an old hand with the cabal. You could consider me as a special expert or on this mission. Got it?

[Sure, anything else?]
Oh, you are hard in , young lady! Ok, I am going to tell you one more thing, so. My 3D version works for the cabal, he is a trusted cabal executive for some time now. Well, of course, he is a White Hat, and does all he can to leak info out, to relay us useful information, and to help lads in danger, such as David is/ was. There is no messing about with the lad, although, if you knew him well, you would know where his heart lies straight away. He does not do small talk, he fancies himself as a man of the world of late. Perhaps due to the recent attention he gets from audiences. He does enjoy power and women, of course. 2 traits the cabal all share, if you know what I mean. Sometimes, one just has to turn an eye to morals in order to blend in. We get valuable info from him, as well as the 3D world. He may appear to be in this game for nothing else other than pleasure, power and money. But, believe me when I say that he is able to play this double game with the cabal because of his high acting abilities. His real motivation is to infiltrate the cabal, so that he can provide useful information on cabal hot operations. There is a lot to do with money, drugs, and other hazardous , such weapon selling, and other goods selling. There would be more to say, but I think this is enough.

[Ok, fair enough. And what about you? What exactly is your position or duty with the GFL?]
Mam, I am working with the GFL in order to balance things out between the forces of the dark and the forces of the light. We are trying to maintain the cabal at bay, as much as possible. In order to give a fair chance to Earth humans for not only survival, but for victory against the cabal. We can only go so far, as our common wishes us to remain rather impartial in Earths’ and her inhabitant’s destiny. So we act as a balancing force, if you get my drift. We are here to ensure that the planet survives all cabal attacks, as well as participating actively in the Humanity’s awakening. We are not here to play favourites, but all I can say is that you and us are definitively on the same side. We wish to see you victorious; we wish this to be your victory over the darkness. As I have said, divine only allows us to help so much thus far. loves all its creations equally, even when some of its creations are being destroyed and abused thus far. has this plan to put an end to this abuse and we are here to execute this plan by taking our orders directly from above. So we need your help, in order to help you. We need you to exercise and manifest your free will, in order to allow us to act on your behalf. And I know that the vast majority of your readers do support us, however, we cannot ignore the voices of real fear of those of you kept in darkness about your benevolent space family. We cannot ignore the voices of those who do not desire any alien intervention on your behalf. We are bound to obey orders from you as a collective and from above. And by above I mean from divine , of course. Mam, I have to get going now. out.