December 29th 2011

to Spike


We are on the verge of a massive in the balance of power. You'll see the when we get to 51%. The game will shift when we get to 51%. That's going to open up a world of enlightened thinking, enlightened people, free people and free thinkers, you follow? A power shift will cause a paradigm . There's a tipping point just up the road.


Now, about my work: There are things going on that your media will never tell you, partly because they can't, partly because they don't know. Your job, you and the lovely people who read this, who care about the world, who can see into the future – you all know that you can make things happen with your intentions. Focus. Focus on the outcome.


A world where leaders really serve the people, where money is a servant, not a god. That's your heritage, your true heritage. All this groveling, feudalistic crap – pardon my French. It's time for that to go. You're not trained poodles. You're not meant to sit up and beg. Stand up for yourselves. We'll take care of the rest. High level, back channel stuff. You'll see. Brace yourselves for big changes.

Allendale out.