Master on Am I Comfortable Exploring the Within Me?
29 November, 2011

Advisory from channel: Master Hilarion seems to be wanting to speak this in a first person of the reader, so in much of the transmission, as i can see, when he says "I", he means whoever is " joining in the reading", or as he calls it, "exploring of ideas".
almost as if it is occurring in the mind of the reader just as it did (is) in the mind of the channel.And yes, of course not just the mind.

Am I comfortable exploring the unknown within me?
If not, may one ask: what hope there is for me?
And I, Hilarion, do not say there is no hope, anyway, because there is always hope, as there are forces built within our universe
that will always offer us .

But again, what is the possibility?
The possibility is all that I am which is yet unknown to me is available to me. My personal is : Am I available to it?
Let us meditate.
What is my choice?
Am I willing to feel things I at first dont understand? ,
Am I willing to do this over and over again,
until past, present and future collapse into each other,
and I no longer need to experience this process so laboriously anymore,
because the future is emerging now,
nothing to do (to create getting there),
just , , .

Is this not called oneness with creative source?
This is where you are journeying to, because this is you.
So, I will ask you again: Are you comfortable exploring the unknown within you?
And also I would like to make a small note to say, if you are not comfortable, but explore anyway, or even explore being uncomfortable, uncomfortability, then you have begun the process.
God is kind.
Amen as we all progress during this time of preparation for the ascension of ourselves and our world.
Until next time, Hilarion