22 December 2011

and Aninadzija on the Cabal and

[Hi there Allendale. How are things with you? Any news for us, by any chance?]
Hello sweet lady. Well, you know, it’s all out there. There isn’t much I can tell you in the novelty department. You know that the cabal reads all channelled messages. So what ever it is I would be telling you right now, I would be letting the cabal boys in the same little secret now, wouldn’t I?

[Humm, I guess so. Do you guys ever give disinfo through channelling, just to confuse the cabal readers?]
Mam, with all due respect, if you don’t mind me asking, can we just get off that subject? I want to let you in a little secret, which the cabal lads already know however. The cabal boys and girls are scared to death now. Not only are their plans not bearing fruit, but they are in the process of finding out who and what they are. In actual fact, they are scared when they realise what they are capable of doing to others, including their own family. Some of them are in actual shock as their mind and consciousness is also evolving. They are sitting on their asses as it were, afraid of themselves, and what would happen to each and everyone of them. They are in the process of taking a deep, hard look at their own being and their own existence, for thousands of years and generations. This is no small , to find out that you have not being playing nice for a few thousand years. In fact, some of them have never even played nice. The process they are going through now, is really quite distressing for them. I’d say, if we are able to take advantage of this momentary weakness, we would be on the winning side of thing fairly shortly, mam!

[I see. So, how long is this changing and Ascension going to take us?]
Mam, as I said before, it is entirely into your own hands, as a race. Rest assured that we will do all in our power to make the changes as smooth as possible. For some people, out there, they have already made it, if you understand what I mean. They still hang around in 3D bodies out of habit, or because they don’t want to leave their families and friends alone. While others are embodied, like me, while ascended, and all the strings are pulled from way above. You do understand what I am saying here, right?

[I do, I do of course]
For others, they are almost there. It is not a matter of time for them anymore, it is a matter of understanding what is actually going on for them, and what holds them back. As soon as they get it, they will let go of their own accord, and will ascend. While for others, it may take another 20 to 30 years, a millennia or another cycle. It’s just a matter of choice and determination, you know. You have to aim high. Understanding, understanding is the key. Some of you lack love in their heart in order to be able to ascend. Others lack knowledge and understanding, vision or imagination. The folks who will not be able to make it will be relocated, some may be scattered in various parts of the galaxy. But, it matters not. We are all part of the one entity.

[Some people are of the belief that all of us would ascend next year. I am not sure what to think of that?]
Well, it is like this: If you want to ascend next year, you will. If you want this to take another 10 or 20 years, it will be granted. Think of this for yourself, you are well able to figure it out. Allendale out.