28 December 2011




Greetings My Beloved Ones,

I greet you in Love and Light.

This is bringing you a message from The Divine Light.

It is indeed time for each of you to focus on the Light within, for it is the Light within that will give you your path for progressing into the levels. There are many levels of the Light.

Many of you on the earth plane feel that one level goes just from one level to the next. However, each level is composed of many sublevels and many dimensions. Within each sublevel there are smaller and smaller units. This allows you to progress without having an enormous leap at one time. Each level will be a stepped-up frequency from the previous level, and as such, you will encounter different understandings of the same as well as of an advanced level and nature for that particular dimension and sublevel.

Many of the teachings to which you have been exposed all along have many levels of meaning. They may be very simple at a lower level. However, they are geared to your current level of . As you go up in the levels and the sublevels, the teachings will become more subtle. You may experience the same at that level, but there will be many subtleties that will be added at that particular level. It will not be just a straight forward teaching. There will be subtleties as to the unspoken teaching and the unspoken actions that accompany each law.

Therefore, when you are looking at things at each level, stop and reflect on the subtleties of that particular level. This will allow you to refine your understanding. As such, your vibration will also be refined, for you will be approaching things from higher and higher levels of consciousness as you learn in this way. This will allow you to be of greater service at each level, also. You will be able to interact with your fellow beings in much more compassionate ways because you have developed a greater understanding of what the lessons are at that particular level.

This is what many of your masters exhibited as they walked the earth plane. They understood the subtleties at the higher levels. However, in some of their teachings they were not always able to teach them from the higher perspectives. Only those advanced initiates understood the higher meanings. However, the teachings could be given to anyone. Each person would receive what he / she needed for his / her appropriate level.

We also wish to emphasize to you that, as you go up through the levels, it is imperative that you call on the Violet Flame to transmute any impurities or any misguided energies you may have brought with you from a previous level, from another dimension or from another lifetime. In this way the higher you move, the purer your Light becomes. It is brighter and brighter and purer and purer as you rise from level to level and from dimension to dimension.

As you go through the levels, the Rays of Light will change their shades and hues of color, for at each level the Ray of Light that accompanies it will have the particular type of vibration you need to experience. It will be a particular type of vibration and color of Light that will enhance the learning that goes with that particular level. Each color carries a particular frequency, and when you are on a certain frequency, the color will resonate in your field and bring forth enhanced learning and enhanced releasing of all that no longer serves you at that particular level. When you are on that level, this is when you call in the Violet Flame to help to release and transmute anything that is not appropriate for that particular level.

The higher you go in the levels, the purer the Light will become. It will also be infused with the Christ energy and will have a more sparkling appearance and a more golden hue about it. It will not be comparable to anything to which you are accustomed on the earth plane, for these are indeed colors and frequencies of the higher Rays and the higher dimensions. They are colors more beautiful than you could ever imagine, and they are colors that will float and surround you as you journey onward and upward. Your essence will become more of an energy or a shimmering color as opposed to a solid mass.

You will become Lights and spheres of energy, and your sphere will reflect the level at which you are presently working. You will be known by the Light that you shine forth. This is why we in the higher realms say that you are known by your works. Your works really mean the energy that you radiate forth. The energy that you radiate forth will be determined by your thoughts, your actions, and more importantly by your intentions, for any act that is performed with a pure intention radiates a very clear Light. An act that is performed with an impure intention will have a muddy or dull color to it. It is very important as you rise in the levels to be sure that you start first with a pure intent. Then let your thoughts and actions flow from that. In this way all facets are working together. You will flow forward in a harmonious pattern when everything radiates forward with the same pattern of energy.

Everything works in a spiral as you progress upward. This way you are not going simply from level to level but rather in a spiral type form so that gradually you will float from level to level. This is what is implied when you speak of wheels, for the spirals may in effect resemble wheels as they move from level to level. This is a very gentle pattern of energy, and in many of your great structures on the earth plane this is reflected in spiral staircases. This will give you an idea of how you move upward in the levels and how it will be a gentle gliding upward as your energy becomes purer and purer and your understanding becomes greater and greater.

As your consciousness increases and expands, and the Light within you becomes brighter, clearer and purer, there are many things to which you can aspire. However, the greatest of these is to move forward and to be aware that you are part of All That Is. This is what will bring you closer and more in alignment with your true path and with your true mission. Eventually your true mission is reunification with the All That Is. You are already within the of All That Is. However, there are many levels and sublevels within this field. Your path is to come closer and closer toward a total awareness and consciousness that you are true divinity in action. All efforts are part of your path toward the total awareness of who you are.

Beloveds, we wish to impress on you to constantly monitor your intent. Be very clear in your intent, both the conscious intent that you put forward as well as any unconscious intent. The clearer you are in your intent as you move forward, the greater progress you can make and the clearer your Light will be.

We rejoice that you are moving forward on your path. We are in great need of many workers such as you to help others along the path. You are shining Lights, and we rejoice in your progress.

You are greatly loved in the Light.

…and I surround you with Love.

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