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Tuesday, 6 December, 2011  (posted 7 December, 2011)

Well, if you're feeling this, congratuations.  Your feedback system, your amazingly perfect inner compass is attuned and working well.  This kind of feeling is the emotional equivalent of a siren, or a flashing red light: it's a alert!  It's USEFUL.  It's telling you something like: you're disoriented.  You're out of sync with you.  Like maybe you've let THE on all this slip into the background and are listening to other people's guidance and advice?

Realize my lovely ones, there are many paths.

It's increasingly important that we learn to use our –to drop out of mental/thinking modes of "figuring things out" and use our and a of knowing that we feel in our whole to discern what's true and useful for each of us.

And to do this as the ultimate authority on everything.  EVERYTHING.

Got it?  NO ONE knows more about what's right for you than YOU.  I think that bears repeating…


Now I'm not knocking the great gift of encouragement, validation, or even using a guide or a you trust to help you connect with expanded knowing.  These are all useful and valid tools on your path.  I use them.  Many of us do.  But again, you would use your own sense of what's right for you to choose this and to evaluate what you experience when working with them.  That is discernment.  And if you agree with what guidance or insight comes forth, and any ideas for healing or growth you're offered, then you apply them again, with discernment.  Do they work?  Do you see a difference?  Does life get better?  More joyful?  More clear?  It ought to. Guidance is supposed to work and improve your experience.  To support you in feeling great and becoming more empowered.

And it's becoming more and more important as the diverse paths to ascension become articulated and sometimes are talked about with such wording and seeming authority as to make you wonder, "OMG–I'm not doing it this way?  Did I miss something?  Am I on the wrong path?  This isn't what I'm experiencing, am I out of it somehow?  Did I miss the chance to be part of this."


All of this is tough to feel, but again, it points to a fundamental mistake in orientation.  YOU have within you everything you need to find your way.  This is true for everyone, and actually so much of this path is about realizing this and then growing our own capacity to find what we need within.  So if you're listening and following your heart, using your focus and to grow in this inward clarity and connection, asking for and listening, choosing experiences and people who amplify your inner clarity, expand your perspective in ways that feel right and useful to you, and support you believing in yourself, you are perfectly fine and actually doing and being exactly as you need to be to wake up and not just join, but help CREATE the party!

I wrote this today, because once again, I have gotten a lot of emails from readers asking questions about stuff being published and shared.  I too have noticed some pretty wild stuff being circulated following 11-11-11. Emails messages that say they're all about the new Earth but are still speaking duality talk as though some things are bad for us and we cannot possibly kid ourselves thinking we will ascend if we participate in them. Nothing is inherently bad. These are just labels and judgements. Please follow your inner guidance. It may validate what you're reading or hearing, but it may not.  It may be true in this moment, but not in another.  Life is dynamic and changing as are you, and what you need evolves and cycles, is fluid and changing in perfect harmony with the leading edge of you!

Trust that what uplifts and inspires you is perfect for you. It's about our own unique and what will support us moving into wholeness and embodied divinity. There is not one path. So if you're wondering what's "good for you" and "what might get in the way of your ascension," ask yourself and listen.  Pay attention to how things make you feel.  THAT is your answer.

Things and activities are not good/bad…they're just different options.

Choose what makes you feel expansive, filled with love, hopeful, harmonious, balanced and gives you more joy. Listen to your heart. And if you find that challenging, make time to be in silence. Nature is so helpful in aligning me energetically…but what works for you?  Use what works for you. Be YOU.  You are the authority for everything, for you. Do not be distracted by what feels right for others, or what other Lightworkers even advocate passionately.

Bless everyone on their own perfect and wonderful path.  But live your own life.  That's how you eliminate the conflicting feelings about what's true and what's right for you.  You become your own authority on everything.  And amazingly, life from this inner orientation becomes increasingly clear. 

Trust yourself.   Claim what you know.

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