28 December 2011



From: Soul Insight Awakenings

with Erin Mackley

Beloveds, it is Sheran, speaking to you with the .


I want to remind us all that the is within each of your hearts. There is no “you&; or “I&; but “we&;.


I want to assure you that your world governments are healing by your efforts to live Light and give Love to all you see. It is the of mass that determines the choices made at the level of government. When the mass overpowers the agents of the dark, as many have called them, how can the governments be corrupt? How can the system reflect anything but the purity of your hearts back to your own awareness?


I am telling you that the is not controlling things in your government or your planet’s surface. What could we benefit by doing that? How would we, as Enlightened soldiers for God, gain any benefit by controlling you in any way? No, we are here as observers, compassionate advisers and Light Bringers, as YOU request it.


We simply will not end up telling your government how it should do things. That would be backwards, don’t you see? That is not my role as an to humanity now.


As compassionate friends, the Beings of the Galactic can show you how to live Enlightened lives as you choose to do so. There is no pressure to do this at all.


As you move on the path of Enlightenment as a species, your organs will change, your biochemistry will also change. The external physical earth will slowly vibrate to change along with your consciousness.


Any enlightened space group knows that humanity changes from the inside out as their collective Higher Self chooses to do so…not on anyone else’s whim or timetable. That is why I have said that for a non-human race to alter the bodies of human beings will not help enlightenment… Certain extra-terrestrial races have chosen to act that way, altering the subtle or physical bodies of the human species to shift the karma. This will not help humankind. It doesn’t hurt, in the long run, because in effect it’s like killing an anthill — no matter how many times you smash it, the ants will keep on building, because that is how Nature lives. In turn, human bodies will follow their evolutionary path as laid out by Nature and by their Higher Self, regardless of how many extra-terrestrial races come and change the bodies of humans, even with the best of intentions. The Galactic Federation of Light will not do such things. We watch, we observe in love, and we will help as we are called upon and as wisdom dictates.


There is no more need for humans to look for saviors of enlightenment in the sky, please, don’t do this, I ask you.


Focus on the ground where you are and the Light of God will radiate all around you and then you will lift up in light all of humanity as one. I encourage you to gather in circles in each of your homes to offer gratitude for the love which Source has for you always. Lift your voices and minds to the Christ Light that governs your consciousenss and this world and give your praise and gratitude for this Sun, this Light that is always everywhere, in all places. Don’t look back. Don’t turn your heads to look at how things used to be, but always look toward the Light, and I will be with you, as will all of the Galactic Beings of Light, all of your loved ones across the veil and out into Infinity. This is how the earth is saved, I promise you, if, that is, you want it “saved,” as you view it now.


My many blessings to you, dear ones of Christ Light.

We are forever in the “heavens” waiting and watching, as your Guides.


Erin Mackley
(530) 859-1318