16 December 2011

Channeler: MysticBlack

Balance is to ALL things ~ ATON

I come to you to speak on the IMPORTANCE of Balance and finding that balance within, which will ultimatly reach to ALL the outters that you preceive as unbalanced.

You live in a world of "Duality" this means:

1. something consisting of two parts: a situation or nature that has two states or parts that are complementary or opposed to each other

2. of matter: in microphysics, the that both wave and particle account for the behavior of matter and under different conditions

3. mathematical symmetry of objects or operations: a mathematical symmetry in which some objects or operations can be interchanged without invalidating a relationship, e.g. the interchange of points and lines in a plane in projective geometry

BOTH sides are needed for a BALANCE………..this is Harmonic Balance…..that point in a body moving about a fixed axis at which it may strike an obstacle without communicating a shock to the axis

If you can step into a Center Point of the Harmonic Balance………this will lead you all unto :

1. condition of being one: the state or condition of being one

2. combination into one: the combining or joining of separate things or entities to form one

3. something whole: something whole or complete formed by combining or joining separate things or entities

4. harmony: harmony of opinion, interest, or feeling

5. singleness among individuals: singleness or constancy among individuals or groups

6. arts aesthetic arrangement of artistic elements: the arranging of separate components in a literary or artistic work to create an overall aesthetic

7. arts aesthetic impression: the overall aesthetic impression produced by the arrangement of components in an artistic or literary work

8. theater principle of dramatic structure: one of the three principles of dramatic structure derived from Aristotle's Poetics. These state that the action of a play should be limited to one plot unity of action, one day unity of time, and one location unity of place.

9. mathematics number one: a number by which a given element of a mathematical system can be multiplied with the result being equal to the value of the given element

You can see by the above UNITY define that you are all indeed WHOLE and COMPLETE within ONE…….However seperate on an inDIVIdual journey or path upon your Earth/Shan plane here.

You are ALL human……having a HUEman experiance in these NOW times………..


1.color: a color or shade of a color

"flowers of every hue" ………Like the RADIANCE of EACH and EVERY SOUL that walks your Plane of Existance!

2. shade of color: a particular shade of a color

3. physics property of color: a property of a color that enables it to be perceived, determined by its dominant wavelength

4. type: a type or kind in a particular range

"all hues of political opinion" (THIS IS EXPANSION TO CREATION……in SOUL GROWTH LEARNING as deemed by Creator/)

5. aspect: the way that something looks

This leads you to the GOLDEN RULE of Life and Living:

The GOLDEN Rule. How true is it that if ones would really think about how they treat one another, and consider that they are ALL ONE, that most of your petty "perceived" differences would dissolve. Ask yourself how you, when you the spirit of GOD within, truely like to be treated by others.

Here is a start for you: With respect, with reverence, with honor, with worthiness, with enthusiasm, with patience, with tolerance and understanding, with forgiveness, with kindness and courtesy with caring, with appreciation, with genorosity, with interest in your converstation, with love, with consideration, with honesty and integrity, with trust, with friendship and with harmony.
Now, do you treat others in the same ways described above. HOW you would like to be treated? Do you even treat yourself in the same ways described above? IF YOU do not even HONOR yourself, how do you expect to receive HONOR and respect from OTHERS? Treat others honorably and with integrity, kindness and tolerance and EXPECT that they will treat you the same. If they DO NOT treat you with the same respect, HONOR yourself enough to recognize their transgression, call it to their attention and then leave their presence. (USE your GOD given right of FREE-WILL movement here)

So you see truely ALL things are in and within BALANCE for it is KEY to all of life/survival and most of all UNCONDITIONAL LOVE as granted and givin to ALL Living things within this Earth/Shan and the ENTIRE Universe of Creation by Creator/GOD

I leave you now with these thoughts to ponder. I feel the upmost Love and Respect to EACH and EVERY single Soul. You are all BEAUTIOUS BEing's and its time for you ALL to know this within self and within ALL THINGS/BEings. LIVE TO LET LIVE and let your FREEDOMS RING!

May you always see thru Rainbow Eyes upon your Golden Paths
Blessings to ALL and SALU