01 December 2011

Floredia Ranou


. We are one.


~ GLOBAL AWAKENING ~ Our planet Earth. The most beautiful object in the sky. . . For she is one of a kind. The people that have befallen to history, experienced her destruction many times. Something that happens to ALL Civilizations should they fail to live in Harmony with nature. Currently we are living in a world structure controlled and manipulated by governments and the Monatary System. Forever enslaving its people.


It is important to know that within the current structure the world will never experience . Freedom is that what lay within, for that what lay within should be a direct reflection of the world at large. . . But sadly it is not so. The knowledge of which the ancients possesed is making ground ALL around the world. "Established Institutions" are slowly losing face. They have no other option but to accept the
World, as its changing. & the Awakening is taking place right before our very eyes. . .


is .

All we must do now, is lead the world to a brighter day. . . For we have lived in darkness for far too long. Together we can Change the Entire World. . . Not by manipulation and control for this has already been done 🙂


. . . No, instead it is a matter for us to become aware of the consciousness that lies within each and everyone of us, for there lay our greatness. Our . . It is that what connects us all. Here is where we will find true and ever
lasting peace" It is an "Essence" That which we All posses. & that shall never leave us, for it never can. . . It has never left us, we have merely "Chosen" to ignore its beauty. Some call it . For if the energy we inhibit is , then
we are All GOD in Creation Creating GOD.

We are unique Conscious beings. Beautiful in every way. It is only when we chose not to listen to "ourselves" We become destructive. The world at large is currently lost, for we allow the material plane to govern our entire lives. We have become so dependant on it. That most; know no different. . . It is time to wake up!


There are numerous spiritualists, New Age Writers, New Movements, Healers, Discoverers, Explorers, Medicine Creators. . . & Ideas that are paving the way to a more Open and Transparent way of life! It is time to Realize that – "there
is nothing more Powerfull than an Idea whose time has come" –
Victor Hugo.


Yes Dear Brothers & Sisters it IS Time. The time is now. For if not Now, Then When? Let us argue no more, let us be lost No more. For we have Always known Ourselves. . .

Yet society demanded we forget about our true nature of who we are, and what we are. But we are Magnificent & Extraordinary. And we can create Just such a world. . . Atlantis and Lemuria may have fallen to History. The Sumerians had contact with another race of beings. The Vedas tell us stories of inbetween distant stars.


Religion has had its way with the world. . . Wars to often have been fought over who is right and who is wrong. The Monatary System Also, has had its way with the World. . . For we are enslaved to its creation. But who created it? We did. Just as we can Uncreate it.


But now it is the Time for the Teachings of the True Masters to come forth and change the Globe . . . You and I. Meditate. Associate with Open Minded[hearted] Individuals who are in Search of the True Nature and Purpose of Our Existence in this Beautiful
Universe. We are All One. We Always Have been, & We Always will
Be. Namaste ~ Be One