With the 2012 presidential election approaching, the reality of cold fusion must be spreading through corridors of power in Washington, DC. With the purchasing thirteen E-Cat plants, how will politicians react to a game changing source of ?

by Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

In his recent interview with Washington
Examiner, US presidential candidate, Mitt
Romney mentioned "cold fusion."

The election season in the United States is accelerating, and the Republican primaries are almost upon us. Before too long, the actual general election will take place, and the nation will choose its representatives, senators, and the next president. Similar scenarios will play out in other nations and their elections as well in the near future.

As usual, during the next few months politicians will make promises they do not intend to keep, flip flop on policy issues, attack each other, and do whatever it takes to get elected. Meanwhile, the ultra wealthy, elite power barons who control the mainstream media will do their best to blackout certain candidates (like Ron Paul). At the same time, they will promote other candidates that they know will abide by their wishes, and maintain the status quo — of big government, constant warfare, fear mongering, and the printing of money from thin air by the Federal Reserve.

What is going to be so uniquely interesting about this election cycle is that a truly exotic source of clean, cheap, safe, and pollution free energy has been discovered. In fact, this game changing breakthrough is already entering the market place, with the US military being the first customer. The is 's E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer). Already, almost a year before the first votes are cast, E-Cat modules have been purchased by the US military, and are being further researched and developed. 

The very nature of the E-Cat technology makes it revolutionary. To be blunt, I would not doubt if some in the military industrial complex might be a bit nervous about the implications. The E-Cat by taking a small amount of micron sized nickel powder, applying a catalyst, putting it all in a pressurized hydrogen atmosphere, and applying heat to the setup. Truly novel nuclear reactions start to take place between the nickel and hydrogen atoms, and the result is a huge release of energy. The nickel and hydrogen fuel is cheap, and only tiny amounts are utilized. To give you an idea of just how powerful this technology can be, consider the fact that a reactor core with a volume of only fifty cubic centimeters can produce a maximum safe output of ten kilowatts of heat. Utilizing the same few grams of nickel and only tiny amounts of hydrogen, the same reactor core could produce ten kilowatts continually for six months, or longer. 

In addition to being powerful, the technology is completely safe. It uses no radioactive materials, produces no nuclear waste, emits no radioactivity into the environment, and releases no pollution. Unlike conventional nuclear reactors, E-Cat reactor cores cannot melt down. If the temperature of the core grows too high, the nickel powder melts and all of the reaction sites are destroyed, and the core becomes "dead" until new fuel is added.

When the politicians running for office realize this technology exists and is emerging into the market place, it will probably create a lot of confusion and a bit of panic among their boards of advisors. The broad and far reaching implications of cold fusion technology will make them reconsider their positions on many issues, and think differently about many policies. Here are a few examples of the decisions they will have to make, from their point of view.

  • "Should I reconsider subsidies for oil companies? With this technology, fossil fuels are going to be phased out soon."
  • "Perhaps I could reconsider supporting American involvement in Middle Eastern nations. Their oil is going to become much less important before too long."
  • "Maybe eliminating funding for hot fusion and shifting it over to cold fusion, is something I should propose. Spending billions on hot fusion that is going no where, when cold fusion technology is already on the market, is a waste. Or, I could support putting the saved money back in the economy via tax cuts."
  • "Obviously, this technology is going to tremendously benefit the environment. Those job killing carbon taxes might not be a good idea after all."
  • "If cold fusion is a reality, perhaps there are other exotic technologies I have overlooked, as well. Are exotic propulsion technologies also possible? Maybe the military already is working on such technologies, and many of them are mistaken as UFOs? The public should have access to these technologies, instead of them being locked up in black projects."
  • "If I want the global economy to be revived, perhaps I should push for cold fusion technology to be proliferated as quickly as possible. It has the potential to create millions of jobs!"

All of these issues, and others, will probably be the subject of debate among politicians and discussed on network news programs. What cold fusion represents is an end to the energy crisis, and a tool that can be used to change our civilization from one of scarcity, to one of abundance. Instead of being an incremental solution like solar power, it solves the whole problem. It also does so starting right now, and not in some pie in the sky future.

If politicians want to talk about "change", the biggest change the world has seen in the last hundred years will come from cold fusion. However, it might not be the kind of change some politicians and the global elite would like to see take place. Cheap and has the ability to take power away from governments, and give it back to communities, and to the people. Right now, the public depends on power grids to deliver (that can be shut off at any time), and fuel distribution networks that can be easily disrupted. With cold fusion, individuals will eventually have individual power plants in their cars and homes. These power plants will allow for a decentralization of the power grid, and the government will have less control over the population. No one would have to depend on the electric company or the gas pump any longer.

This discussion may be emerging already. Last week, in an interview, leading U.S. presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, said:

I do believe in basic science. I believe in participating in space. I believe in analysis of new sources of energy. I believe in laboratories, looking at ways to conduct electricity with — with cold fusion, if we can come up with it. It was the that solved that. We somehow can’t figure out how to duplicate it. But basic science, in my view, is a way that research can encourage our entire economy. 

So Mitt Romney gets the distinction of being the first to broach the subject openly in this presidential race. The starting gun has been fired.

We ought to push for a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to divulge definitively who the US Military customer is [which branch] so that we can escalate the dialogue and pressure on US politicians. If it can be proven that the US Military did indeed purchase 13 E-Cats, that would really put pressure on the politicians and on the media to bring this dialogue to the front.

During the next several months as the 2012 election cycle meets cold fusion, the public needs to demand that politicians promote the rapid adoption of the technology. I think most politicians will support the technology. In my opinion they will be forced to, because they will not want to look like the candidate who wants to keep the economy in a slump, and keep energy prices high. But there is a possibility some candidates (especially those who like the status quo as it is right now) will announce totally made up "problems" with cold fusion. Any politician who claims there needs to be excessive safety testing, a slow and dragged out implementation, or continued subsidies to oil companies needs to be opposed, and voted out of office. In contrast, those politicians who support the fast implementation of the technology along with a freedom agenda that supports small government should be supported. 

Perhaps one of the most interesting things that may take place in the next several months is the fracturing of the environmental movement. The true "green" environmentalists will support this technology, because they will realize its implementation will be the best thing that could happen for the planet. However, the fake environmentalists that push certain agendas to simply have a job or push an agenda — such as global government or carbon taxes — will oppose it. They may try and use fear mongering, by claiming the E-Cat is a nuclear technology, and therefore inherently dangerous. Of course it will be our job to tell the truth, that this technology is nothing like conventional nuclear technology.

If someone thinks hard enough, they will realize that the implications of cold fusion technology impact every aspect of our society. It will impact business, interactions between nations, energy production, and may even jump start a new scientific revolution. The discussions that will take place as the mainstream media and politicians wake up to cold fusion are bound to be very interesting, and unlike anything we have ever witnessed before during an election cycle.

How often do politicians get to discuss a discovery as significant as fire? Not very often! I hope they will realize cold fusion is like the discovery of a new type of fire that consumes a millionth the fuel, burns hotter, but also produces zero smoke. It can be used to take us to the stars, or transform this world into a near paradise. 

If the politicians this election cycle realize the full potential of this technology, I hope they will put aside personal agendas and push for what is best for the world — the rapid proliferation of cold fusion. I personally believe this technology could bring the whole world together, if its true potential is spread far and wide. Every single human being on this planet could benefit from the technology, regardless of income level, race, sex, or nationality.

Although there are other important issues that need to be addressed such as cutting spending, ending the FED, ending the drug war, lowering taxes, and restoring the Bill of Rights, supporting a transition from fossil fuels to cold fusion should be at the top of the priority list. There is too much at stake for our civilization to stay dependent on oil any longer. 

We need exotic energy, and we need it now. 

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