by conversationswithadama

Channeled by Celestine

Brother of , I send you my love, on this special day. We on the are celebrating a wonderful Holiday of light. Although the celebration of the birthing of Christ is one thing to celebrate in the coming of the one called Jesus. It to me means much more than that. It is about the pouring forth of our Christed Selves into our physical bodies, bringing forth that unconditional love, joy and acceptance for all things, into the here and now moment.To me its more about the celebrating of being together. And not so much about the gifts. Although it is quite lovely receiving such wonderful much needed items. Tell me, Adama do you have such wonderful celebrations like this?

Sister Celestine, Firstly I would like to thank you for getting in touch with us on such a wonderful day, and taking the time amid your celebrations to speak with us. We here in Telos send you our gratitude for thinking about us, and send you our love to you all.

We very much enjoy your celebrations, and we enjoy many celebrations ourselves. Including the celebration of the divine light of the Christ. We understand that it is a great upliftment for all humanity on the surface, and the celebrations you undertake are different to ours. However, thats not to say it is good or bad, but we have a different way of celebrating such things. On the surface you get together with family, have a meal, open gifts, and enjoy much intoxicating liquor.We here in Telos have a special ceremony for the whole , in the temple at the beginning of our celebratory festivities. Then we have a procession in the street, dressed up with music and frivolity. And there is a banquet for the whole to undertake outside the fresh air. We enjoy this time to bring ourselves together in and enjoy the dancing, singing, and creative, festive plays and enactments.

What you say about the giving of gifts, is also undertaken by us, we always have the perfect to give and it is not so much always a physical , but can be a given of , blessing, or healing. It is always perfect for the person, and it is always graciously received. But as you say, it is not about the gifts of great things, but the gift of love and companionship with all the community that matters the most in each celebration.

The celebration of on the surface world has been very misunderstood by many people. It is about the return of the light of the Sun to the world, after the darkness of the shorter days of winter. Due to the inbalance of the world, and the angle of the earth in relation to the sun, you have short days and long nights during such 'winter modes'. As you take the time to think about that, there is also the significant meaning of celebrating the 'Christed ' that ascended master that you are. That you merely need to uncover by removing the illusions and programes put into place to place your world into bias and duality. This is not one particular person to celebrate, but to truly celebrate it, means that you celebrate all of you, each and everyone of you. As the Master that you uncover from the removing of dirt and illusion, shines forth, you clearly see you have much to celebrate. We celebrate you everyday, and everytime you celebrate we are with you, alongside you, also sharing in the festivities. As to do all your families, friends, and extended beings of light. Let this joy you recieve from such measures carry you up to the higher vibrations, and hold you there. For this coming year will proove greatly uplifting for you all. And is the start of something wondrous for you all, as you open up your consciousness to that Christed , the Master , and you take control of all that you think, feel and act.

Thankyou my brother, I greatly love to hear about how you live in Telos.  And all about your celebrations. 

Tell me about Earth, and 2012 'predictions' and the real truth about what is going to happen, please.


Earth is a wonderful place to live, it is our home, it holds much beauty, and whilst it has changed dramatically since our lives upon the surface, and the downfall of humanities conscious levels, it still remains a very beautiful place. There is so many 'fear' filled predictions being made upon the surface world. Some of which you have been manipulated into believeing, from outside lower vibrational beings. The collective conscious levels have risen dramatically in the past decade and many people are now seeing past this fear manipulations about the so called end of the earth and the need to leave its safe haven. What we see here about the upcomming year is one that is going to hold much upliftment for you, and not one of chaos and sudden drastic changes.

The conscious reality however is one of your choosing, and if you wish it to be so, you can make it manifest. However, there is really no need to be concerned about the Earth or its shifting, for it is a gradual process. It is and has been happening all around you, whilst you have lived upon her surface, and whilst there have been some tragic incidences, the majority of you have remained unharmed by such shifts in the crusts. No one can tell you what will and will not happen, for that is the future, however you can create a smooth and easy transition by working with the energy around you incomming into the planet at this time. No accurate predictions can be made about the future, because we have not gone there yet. It is rather a journey together that we create in each moment, as a whole.


Yes Adama, there are many theories wildly being put out there about us having to leave the earth and that all those of you within inner earth have already gone. What is your take on this?


I assure you that we are still very much in Telos and these claims are unfounded. You can all come here in your astral bodies and see us here. We have no intention of leaving our city here, for we are safe. The earth is a safe place for human life to exist also, and there is no need to fear about having to leave it. Rather we suggest you use great discernment in such messages for they are obvious fear laden messages, with a set intention to keep you from stepping into higher consciousness. These theories are as you say wild, and have no actual foundation in fact. There is no need for any intervention currently and humanity is working its way back to the higher realms in its consciousness with no need for a direct intervention, apart from some guidance, which is given directly to those who would have a connection to the Ascended Masters. This guidance is then distributed to the collective via messages and teachings from such people who have agreed to take on these roles, for those who are not yet aware of their ability to connect with the Masters and Angels of higher vibration.


Wow thankyou Adama, that has cleared up many questions I've had about the messages I've seen posted about. And one more thing, the , are they really coming in next year to help humanity? And what about Galactic Law? Does that not prohibit such a contact before a collective is ready? Are they ready for such a contact? Im feeling iffy about these messages, that there is something not right? Unless I am just holding prejudices?


There is the confusing part for humanity, who to trust. There are lower vibrational astral entities who are posing as the Galactic Federation of Light, and they have had the intention to come to earth and interfere with the collective growth occuring.

The real Galactic Federation of Light have always been here assisting since the fall of the continents and the human conscious levels. They have never left. We have contact with them at all times, and speak with them. They do not have any intention of coming to you at this time, whilst there are many who are not ready for such. Nor do they intend to 'intervene' because yes the Galactic Law prohibits such contact to be established, and that is one of the reasons why you have incarnated beings, such as yourself among humanity. The volunteers who are here teach and show humanity the way forwards from within the collective.

With regards to the prejudces, no you have none in regards to this matter, because at some level you already know this information. The messages are obviously incorrect, for this timeline as it is currently. Honour your feelings about such messages, there are many who would hold this against you. Do not let this distort you from your truth and mission here. The true timeline is in need of healing, and the distorted timelines need to be removed from earths real timeline. As you have already seen, there are manipulations being put into it, to make the collective more suseptable to the possible interance from other outward distractions. The real need is to stay on task with planet Earth. And to help the rest of humanity to ascend into the higher vibrations once again.

To do this one needs to remove the illusion, fear, doubt and dirt, clouding the real light. For it is only when you are aware of the real you- the light within you, that you are able to discern truth, love and real wisdom.

Ok thankyou so much Adama for your time. Happy celebrating, and Im glad to be able to speak with you my brother. Please give my love to the rest of the community in Telos.

The pleasure is all myne, and their love is returned to you dear one. Until next time.