1 December 2011

Talyaa Liera

This month – December 2011 – is all about taking action from the of your , from the rush of life within your own , and from the dreaming of your wild dreams. What calls to you this month? What speaks to you with a deepening and a quickening? What connects your breath to the breath of a million throats? What lights you up?

This is what you will be examining and unfolding this month: your story. The deepness of Who you are. And especially how you will let the world know you. How you will bring your gifts — your reason for being in this body on this planet at this time – to the world. And you do this now because as the drumbeat of your heart quickens, you hear within it the footsteps you will take to get to where you go next. You are sure now about the path that takes you to where your wild dreams unfold. You know Who you are and where you go.

True, from where you stand and breathe right now in this moment, you may not see the path unwinding from you into your wild dream. You may not yet think you know the steps you need to take in order to bring action to the dreams you so beautifully crafted last month. That is because you still lack one essential ingredient, one that is so easily obtained because it already exists within you. It is so easy! All you have to do – ALL you have to do – in order to take this one essential ingredient and make it yours … is to simply breathe. Breathe in, and out, and in again. Breathe and the world is yours. Breathe and you activate the wild drumbeat within you, the drumbeat of your heartsong that whispers inside you, ready now to become the shout that you take to the world to say, "I AM HERE. I MATTER."

Breathe and let your heart beat within you. What follows will become your every day, your What Comes Next.

Oh yes, it really can be that simple!

If you let it.

Let's break it down…

Breathe. In and out. Repeat. Drop into your heartbeat, the vast expansive space deep within you, the space that knows your true . Feel it. Feel the deep within you, the ancient beat of a thousand drums, lifetimes of drums, lifetimes of dreams. Feel the rush through your body, feeding every cell, every small part of your being, infusing you with the deep powerful that lies within you. Feel it? Feel the power? Feel the rise, the surge, the swell of your ? This is what tells you the steps to take this month, the path that belongs to you and only you, the path that leads you out into the open, owning the truth of who you are and why you are here. This month. Now.

That is all very well and good, you say, but what do I DO? This is sounding suspiciously like "" and "." I am not sure I can do either yet. Life is not looking so great from here. I have bills to pay. Groceries to buy. Sometimes I am afraid. Sometimes I can't sleep. I wonder what my life is about. I wonder if I will ever be my wild dream. How do I step on my path to awesome when I am not feeling the love?

Start by giving yourself a mental hug. You are human. So beautifully human. And that is not your frailty – it is your strength. Your humanity is what makes you strong, even when things are difficult. Your humanity is what will bridge the place between your Now and your What Comes Next. This is how:

At the risk of being repetitive … breathe. No, really. Breathe. Give your body life. Honor the life that is within you. Let go of the woo-woo and let yourself be achingly human this month. Breathe. Move. Cry. Dance. Laugh. Make love. Be as human as you dare to be. That is your path. That is how you will find your heart's song, your inner drumbeat, the Way of your What Comes Next. Be human, every day more so than the day before, and allow your love for the human part of your to grow, to unfold, to carry you on a delicious wave of your wild dreams.


This may be the last thing you want to hear right now, but this month it may very well feel like everything has come apart for you. Everything tumbles apart and you wonder where the pieces of you are. If this happens, if this is your experience, remember to breathe. Eat something delicious that delights your senses. Rest. Look at the sky. Drop into your deepest memories, the ones that came before you and before your first breath in this body, and let them wash over you, nourish you, and bring you back into completion. Remember that you still exist. You are not in pieces. You are complete and whole and beautiful and oh so achingly human. Love that part of you as you love it in others.

: I AM filled with all I need.


While the message for you on a personal level this month might seem to scream "roller coaster," interestingly enough, relationships – the ones you are going to be keeping – feel rock solid this month. Tighter than ever. Deeper and deeper into intimacy. And why wouldn't they? Letting yourself fall apart and come back together in the presence of another is incredibly intimate. Why wouldn't you want to share that with those closest to you? Oh, and don't forget that whatever you are feeling this month, likely the people you love in your life are feeling it as well. Love their human sides, too, will you?

Affirmation: I AM in love with the humanity I see around me.


Communities continue to reframe and adjust the shifting tides on a personal level. Many of you may be feeling on the outs of communities. Outsiders. Looking for your tribe. Rest in the thought that your tribe is indeed out there. Awaiting you and your gifts. Give it time. Your tribe may not look the way that you think it will. Breathe this month and practice being human and you will find that your tribe will find YOU.

Established communities will feel growing pains, the pains of change and adjustment. Hurt feelings abound. Things are magnified as people scramble to feel allied and aligned. Power plays, drama, and slammed doors will not be uncommon. Ride it out by (you guessed it) breathing and feeling your heartbeat. A little drumming would not hurt, either.

Affirmation: I AM the embodiment of the community tribe I seek.

Global Politics

While you would think that the warmth and fellowship of the holiday season would have a thawing effect on the political arena, such will likely not be the case. Bitter, back-biting, low blows and dirty pool are the name of the game. Meanwhile, enjoys an historic moment. Morocco shares the love. struggles. The tides are turning politically, but again such wheels move slowly. Understand also that what it is that YOU – on a personal level – hold dear and desire for the world is not necessarily what will either serve the world as a whole or actually come to pass. We do not see a kumbayah future, the world's countries holding hands and singing into the setting sun. We do see conflict as a very human tool for some time to come. How that tool is wielded is what will be the change. If you truly desire to change the political climate, then you would do well to examine your own skills in conflict resolution. The change surely does begin with you.

Affirmation: I AM the agent of change that I seek.

Earth Changes

Such intrinsic change on a personal level has atmospheric effect. Expect wind! And a lot of it! Northern hemisphere enjoys a cold, blustery month, while the southern hemisphere is unseasonally cool. The winds of change are surely upon you. Make use of this and harness it. Breathe it in, allow this wind to infuse you and enliven you. Do you feel alive in wind? Make your own wind if you wish….imagine yourself as the eye of tornado and bring wild winds around you, moving outward in a clockwise fashion, to touch all that is around you in ever widening circles.

Affirmation: I AM the power of the storm that surges around me.

Global Spiritual Changes

Do you feel a let-down since 11-11-11? All that build-up – where are you now? Back behind a desk, back in Real Life. Yes? You did step into a new What Comes Next on 11-11-11, but what lay on the other side of that doorway now looks suspiciously like the old one, does it not?

Never fear. You did what you needed to do. The doorway was there, you stepped through, and now – guess what? – it is time to move down into your body again, to love and honor the very physicality that sustains you, and to practice being human.

If you feel a spiritual letdown, let it be there. It will pass. Breathe. If you feel an exhilaration, then yay! Let it be there. It will pass. Breathe. You are far stronger than you realize. Breathe and you will create all the change you need.

Affirmation: I AM the soul of the world.