Come join with me …. i am simply an empty vessel

that allows the Voice of Love to move me

to touch and heal hearts…

many miracles happen thru me…i simply allow

the love to flow….

we will gather together this Wednesday at 5:00 p.m.

pacific on

our topic for this week will be

~living within the ~ as we move thru

the coming changes…

it will be of great value to hear The Voice of Love

guide us as to how to live from the

frequencies of the heart so that we can

be the Love and by doing so

come to know and experience the reality

that "only love is real" as our KNOWN reality…


i have spent many years now in preparation to

be ready for this time…to bring this pure divine

love thru me and touch hearts and souls…

it is my deepest desire and passion to allow

this love to touch and help to awaken all

to the truth i have come to know for myself…


that truth is

~heaven is just a thought away~

and you are that…!!!!


so come join us…you will be filled with

peace and you will recognize this love

as the truth of your very Self…


we will also allow time for your questions

which in truth are "everyone's" questions..