We all have plenty on our plates this time of year – both literally and figuratively – but it is good to hold in awareness that good and holiday cheer alone will not feed our soul the sustenance it needs to prepare for the life-changing new year ahead.

Symbols all around us now point to where greater love, and blessings reside. What we see in physical is but a pale reflection of the unlimited love and blessings that exist at deeper levels.

Interpreting our Holiday 'Waking '

When we take each symbol and interpret our holiday "waking dream" just as we would a night time dream, we find portals in consciousness revealing our personal recipe for greater love and joy. When we perceive the symbols of our waking dream, we get in touch with the deepest wishes of our soul. As we weave the insights of these symbols into the fabric of our daily life, we access infinitely expanding realms of love, joy and blessings.

Symbols of our Holiday Feast

The symbols of our holiday feast represent the impulse to feed our soul what it needs to flourish. We can look to the foods that adorn our holiday table to find the deeper urges of our soul and understand what we are individually seeking.

For example, the person who consistently seeks a bounty of sweets is really looking for a sweetness in life that seems elusive. This often points to a need to nurture and love oneself. By loving ourselves, we naturally draw to us people and situations that further sweeten our experience. Another way to attract greater sweetness into our life is to treasure and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. A great way to do this is to allow ourselves time to regularly go into nature and commune with the simplicity and beauty there.

Those who choose non-meat holiday foods have a deep soul to leave a light footprint on the earth and cause harm to none. Advanced souls often seek this form of holiday fare.

Our Digestive System Reflects our Assimilation of Life Experiences

Just as holiday foods provide a unique opportunity to gaze into the windows of our soul, the efficiency of our digestive system offers insights into our ability to assimilate our life experiences. Eating and digestion symbolize taking in life experiences and transforming them into spiritual understandings. When we overeat, we're likely looking in all the wrong places for and understanding; in other words, we're stuffing ourselves without finding the sustenance we're looking for. Empty calories simply don't have the ability to nurture our body. When we reach for that which is devoid of nourishment, our actions stem from intentions that fail to feed our soul.

Our Physical Realities Correspond to Spiritual Realities

Whatever is taking place at the physical level corresponds to a spiritual reality. If we pay attention to the waking dream of our physical reality, we receive valuable feedback into our ability to create experiences that satisfy the needs of our soul. Often when we awaken to the need to nourish our soul, we also begin to feed our body what it needs to thrive. As we begin anew, we choose alkaline foods as close to nature as possible (raw vegan). Paradoxically, as we nourish our bodies, we also nourish our souls.

We emphasize the results of interpreting our waking dream are not meant to be a point of judgment – it is just about observing, awareness and understanding. Your interests, actions and the potentials you give your and attention to speak volumes about the current desires and intentions of your soul. You can always "read" your current actions to gain insight into the impulses you receive from your soul via your subconscious.

Your soul speaks to you through the doorway of your subconscious. There are undercurrents to all your physical world actions that reveal the wishes of your soul.

and our Holiday Dream

There are some this holiday who feel drawn to assist those who are struggling and hungry. They are seen donating to charities, delivering to food banks and raising money to help animal charities. These individuals hold the soul desire to make the love and abundance of spirit available to all. When we seek to help others during the holidays, we honor our soul's desire to serve and assist all living beings.

Holiday Shopping and the Search for Deeper Meaning

Holiday shopping also has the power to reveal the current wishes of our soul. Shopping symbolizes the desire to obtain value, which we can extrapolate into the search for meaning. It is not necessary to wander the halls of department stores and exhaust one's finances and energy shopping for gifts. Giving can take many forms once we understand the impulses of our soul in relation to gifting.

If we are seeking gifts for ourselves we are seeking to nurture ourselves and to find meaning within ourselves. If we're buying gifts for others we're seeking to nurture and lift up others. The form of the gifts we choose also brings insights. Clothing represents self-expression whereas an player represents the gift of harmony (music).

Aligning with the Infinite Potentials of our Holiday Dream

The dazzle of holiday lights, the cozy fires, the joyful sounds of carolers are but a pale reflection of the infinite potentials that exist at deeper levels. This is not to downplay the uplifting images of the season but to say that we can take every image, every action and experience we are drawn to and find its corresponding reality at a deeper spiritual level.

Give to Others what you are Seeking

Give to others what you seek at the deepest level of your being. If you feel unloved, find a way to shower others with love. Adopt a homeless animal and learn to receive the gift of unconditional love. If you are someone who grew up in a dysfunctional environment and never experienced unconditional love, learn to be unconditional with yourself and gradually expand this to others.

Some may find memories of unpleasant holiday realities pressing in during this time. Whatever is before you can be transformed with love and understanding. If there's anything that appears before you that feels like un-love, surround it with the golden light of love and you will soon see it transform before your eyes, creating a shift within.

Your soul seeks to love and to serve others. It wishes to lift you up. It wishes to lift up all others. Whenever you're aligned with the desires of your soul, you're able to stand strong inside the highest vibration in the universe. It is the realities inside this high vibration that every intention, every image of holiday joy, seeks to emulate. When you align with this vibration you exist year round in a state of divine joy and love.

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