30 November 2011

Big Beauty I am; from the Crystalline City of Light below the waters in the Gulf of St. Vincent. Our soul family anchor nearby on the shores in human form. They are the Surf Life Savers. Each pod resonates a frequency unique within the family. You call these groupings the 'club'.

These beings love to play in the ocean. They are generous spirits who find joy in the giving of their service, for that is what defines them. Play and mastery of the water and wind element reflects a divine thread of consciousness unto all who encounter their nature. Stewards from another Universe and Future they agreed to congregate en mass in the Earth location that you call . Their message is one of love and caring; they are the volunteers; they are Soul Life Savers.

See they practise the healings; teaching, learning and applying hands-on healing with care in the Resuscitation and First Aid work. Have you ever spent time in a gathering of these people when they come together and celebrate? Fellowship and community they model in admirable qualities. Families, children and adults all valued as one. Co-operation in management. Living in the moment; rebellious fun lovers are some; showing humanity how to shine their soul light with joy; so that we may remember who we are. Why are they so grounded? Their realm is in nature – the sand of the Earth, the Light of the Sun, the water of the ocean and the air of the wind.

As human forms, they are here also to heal. Many hold deep trauma from the time of the loss of Atlantis, and to be in this service and test themselves in their competitions is a way of healing and rebalancing; calling home lost fragments from 'the past'.

Gregarious and hospitable, Surf Life Savers are accommodated and welcomed visitors on travels interstate; provided with shelter when needed; a fraternity; a brotherhood and sisterhood of equal standing; where race, colour, creed, job or social status play no role in any hierarchy. Where else can you think of that this collective of divine qualities exhibits itself. They are not the publicity seekers, yet they nurture the development of leadership. Safety and trust they project for those who may need them. Unassuming heroes and heroines; dolphins among men.