25 December 2011


Dear ones we are with you as you celebrate this time of family and of loved ones. We will not break into your day of celebrating other than this to show our love and to you. We are the Dragon Realms and we come to show our for all of humankind across the planet.

Today for many of you may be a time where old memories begin to surface as you begin to remember those who are no longer in the physical. We are here to guide you to allow these to go, for in letting go you allow the energies that were your relatives in human form to take a step closer to you. For ALL ARE ONE. Much will change and shift over the festive period, we come through many channels to advise of these massive shifts in consciousness and we come once more to guide this. This is not done to alert you to anything that should be worried about, the energies of worry and anxiety are now behind you if you chose them to be. For much of the teachings of continue to run within many human Beings.

We are here to support and to guide all who wish to reach out to us. You may now be getting “snapshots” of other lives and these may appear frighteningly real to you, vivid dreams may have you awaken into a life that you had forgotten, allow it all to go. Call on us dear ones and we will protect you as you move between the dimensions to unravel that which was called Karma and is now no longer needed. For much as you are supported and guided by all realms the freeing of SELF is done by SELF. Do you understand our analogy? Do you understand the importance of SELF?

This festive season is the time where the veils are thin for many of you have done a lot of work on SELF and may be finding it difficult to relate to the festive season in the way you may have done in previous years. We note how difficult it is for many humans to accept change and to allow change to unfold without reservations. Do not attach to the consumerism that has flooded your planet, take the festive season as a time out to catch up vibrationally with SELF, for to allow the release of past festive seasons, to bless it all and release and allow it all to heal will see your vibration soar.

If thoughts of those no longer here in the physical begin to arise do not push them away, for the fear resides in the memory, humans are taught memories hurt, they do not hurt dear ones it is the unreleased emotions associated with memory that hurts. The two are completely different vibrations. Soon you will be able to recall all past memories in the context they should be in and not wrapped in layers of . For that is what you move to each breath and each step of the way. Do not fall to the illusion teachings that state that everyone across is merry and full of joy at this time for that is not TRUTH, for many are walking in the of the past. Allow us to light your way and allow us to burn the bridges to the , for the can be transmuted by fire or by water. Allow what many of you term the violet flame to permeate through the memories and all that will be left will be LOVE and TRUTH. Know this.

We ask our channel to post these words so that those who are wandering lost amongst the glitter and the glitz that illusion teaches is the festive season may find them and know that they are not alone. For no human walks alone. The layers may thicken, the eyes may cloud over and the ears may dull but you never walk alone dear ones. Use the time over the next few days to allow TRUTH to dissolve that which no longer serves and move through the layers of illusion. For this festive period is one of peace, what better peace than the peace found within, for that is where it dwells. It does not dwell in fancy gifts and parties full of people who are intoxicated for that is not TRUTH. That is the sheen that is swept over the pain so that those who are part of it can ignore the deep parts of self.

There is new anchored on planet earth and its name is TRUTH. Allow it to find you, allow the heart to open and LOVE to flood into each part of your being. For this is the festive season and that festivity is for YOU. It is the aligning of selves with SELF and the finding that peace and serenity are at your core. For in TRUTH they are but illusion seeks to shade your view of this.

When it all begins to get too much and you feel frustration and perhaps tears well up inside of you take a moment to sit quietly. Lengthen the breath and close the eyes. Allow the realms that are here to guide and support to gather round you and then reach out to them. To do this simply open your heart and breathe. Feel us around you, pouring LOVE and compassion through YOU, around YOU and within YOU. That is all you need do dear ones, nothing else.

Then allow that which is trying to arise within you to arise and allow us to transmute it all, allow it to go, for we can transmute it but we must have your permission to do this, such is the free will that is the birthright of the human race. Have TRUST and FAITH in YOU this festive period dear ones for you walk a path into a year which has illuminated for many of you. The new is here, the new is around you, within you and through you but you must allow it access.

We step back now to allow our words to be absorbed. The new energies will bring many surprises to planet earth over the coming days. Much will be revealed and the new will start to make more sense to many, many more humans. We are the Dragon Realms and we send our love and compassion to each and every one of you. We are with YOU for we are YOU and YOU are we. ALL ARE ONE.

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